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  1. TYWM, Bel! The complete outfit (not included sneakers, but the hair is ) is from an Amitomo Gatcha called Heart Attack. Think I got most from an event but bought the missing parts on MP.
  2. Oh - love your Ari-look! My favorite is this one - the one and only Kaia-skin Besides this, It-Girls Vienna
  3. Oh, I have struggled with that one! I also just have to have a chin dimple, but there are no good mesh heads with that... Currently, I faked it by adding some shadow and highlights when I made my skin - but it is hard to get it to look defined enough without it looking too "drawn on". I might have to do it more pronounced than this, but at least I've got some of the look going
  4. Plenty of birds out there, they said - no problem to get those great shots, they said - pfffft!!
  5. Got some new friends today This one was drawing his dream girl
  6. Oh - cool picture!!!! Can you tell I am a fan too ? Happy Star Wars Day!
  7. Might be good advice, but a liiiitle tiny weeny bit too late perhaps ? Portrait to keep in line with the thread theme:
  8. Apparently yellow is the big thing in fashion this spring, so I'm color coordinating with the local snakes
  9. I've got training as a graphic designer working with Illustrator & Photoshop - the whole skin-making thing is a quite involved process. I paste and blend elements from photos of skin, use different brushes with skin texture patterns, and paint with highlights and shadows on different layers, all inside a deformed grid/UV Maps that fits onto the 3D Genus head. The HUDs are easier, you get all you need in the developer kit from Genus. I build a prim and drop some ready made scripts in it, have no clue on how to write scripts/program. Then I have to make a nice texture to put on the box/HUD, at the moment my HUD for this skin is just some white squares - lol
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