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  1. Nothing better than watching the sunset with your best buddy!
  2. @December Larkham - I was able to replicate someting like this! If I click on one of the two last bump-symbols, the skin switches between the applied BOM skin and the last appled skin from the Legacy HUD when ALM is toggled. Only when I select the first one, the skin stays the same when toggling ALM! https://gyazo.com/6a6301ad588d109347fbb8eeb6f1a9d8 So trying to press the first of these and see if it helps!
  3. "Dear diary! It is day 1 of my expedition to this island. So far I only have managed to establish my campsite, and now the night is fast approaching. I have no clue what tomorrow will bring..."
  4. Well, in SL it is called Cornhub - scary place
  5. One second ... ... the next Not always as planned
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