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  1. We are looking for a scripter to hire or at the very least to consult with to see about creating a hud for us. Will provide more details privately if interested! Serious inquiries only, please.
  2. You BEAUTIFUL creature! THIS IS WHAT DID IT!!! YAY!!! Topic solved! I must spread this knowledge to the masses! Thank you!!!
  3. After reading the comments, I see that I should not be wearing an alpha. So I took off ALL alphas I was wearing, took off the legacy body and then put it back on and gave it another try. I have, from day 1, been using the handy apply BOM button. It works like a charm without AML, but as soon as I put them on, potato. https://i.gyazo.com/66c7bef9c5a8d250a1513899575da38f.mp4 As soon as I click off AML https://i.gyazo.com/696d037b1966d951e27e8e077ed06e55.mp4 PLEASE HELP MEEEEE XD I'm going to message TMP CSR in the meantime I'll update if I find a fix!
  4. So I have a TMP Legacy mesh body. I'm not sure if there is a certain way to apply the BOM to the body, but I just put on the skin, the proper alpha layer provided by lelutka (LeLutka.Alpha.Head&Body.BOM) and it applied wonderfully... without advanced lighting. I've had several friends ask me what's up with my avatar only to realize I look baaaad with ALM on. See the pictures below. Without Advanced Lighting Materials activated With Advanced Lighting Materials activated It just seems to register the tinting to the skin I did and the skin that was applied by hud to the legacy body. Please tell me what I'm doing wrong here, or if it's just something that LL is working on? Thanks so much in advance!
  5. Thank you so much! This worked PERFECTLY!!!! I DID MY FIRST SUCCESSFUL SCRIPT!
  6. I am trying to make a script for a roleplay sim in the landing area which has the main purpose of talking about what the sim is all about such as races, factions, etc. I was wondering if it were possible to have an avatar touch a prim to get a few sentences of text that only THAT AVATAR can see? I don't want people to get spammed in local chat a ton of times because people are clicking the prim. Is this possible?
  7. Ribbon's Crossing is a roleplay sim in Second life based on the Witcher series and lore. We aim to provide a darker, more realistic roleplaying experience where non-human races are discriminated against and facing mistrust, and character's actions will have consequences. Can you settle in one of the factions, and thrive? Website Landmark Here are some images of the incredibly immersive sim:    
  8. My amazingly talented friend, Celete Forwzy has taken a few pictures of the sim that look amazing! I wanted to share them here. This is my favorite one! It's of the docks on Lack Calenhad
  9. [DA-RP] Redcliffe Village in Second Life is a relatively new sim that strives to bring something a little different to roleplay. Our admins and storytellers interact with the players and their characters to create events and missions enabling the player to feel fully immersed in the world that we have created.The sim build was created with immersion in mind, attempting to stay as true to Redcliffe Village appears in the Dragon Age game (Inquisition).The build is also ever evolving, changing in accordance to any roleplay situations such as admin approved destruction to the land, buildings and objects.With our custom combat system and custom HUD, we bring back the old school feeling of tabletop roleplay and incorporate that into Second Life.The sim was created with Dragon Age enthusiasts as well as the newcomer to the series in mind. Anyone can easily step into the world and interact. With resources and help readily available, the application is an easy and painless process. [DA-RP] also has traditional elements of a roleplay sim such as a landing area complete with mini-market, loads of information on the sim and the setting as well as teleporters. Sim Website: http://www.dragonageroleplay.com/ Come take a look! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Six/127/139/1004 Our group flickr: https://www.flickr.com/groups/redcliffe/
  10. I've reset the sim, cleared cache, relogged, made sure to activate the group the land is set to. The owner even abandonded and rebought the sim. I'm an estate manager and an owner of the group the land is set to, yet I still cannot edit anything in the 'about land' window. What... the... heck!? Please help :<
  11. Hello! My friend and I are looking for new land as our current sim (and group of sims) is apparently being closed/sold off. We have about a week to find a new place before we are homeless! We don't really care where we are so long as we can be in the sky (we have our own platform and multi-level sky boxes). We are looking for a residential rental that's not over 1k a week and about 950prims. It would be awesome if we could 'buy' the land and create our own land group so that we can set music and allow friends to rez things, etc. But it's not absolutely needed. Thank you for letting us know of any places that fit our needs!
  12. Yeah, I visited that sim and it was ... well, gone.
  13. And by adult I mean adult themes, not **bleep**able trees or whatever XD I recently visited Mystara, but they have a strict pants policy. Man, I don't want pants! **bleep** pants! So does anyone know a good rp sim (that doesn't require pants)?
  14. If you are a mesh artist and are looking for some work, please consider my sim. It's a post apocalyptic role play sim called Ark 13. There are only a few pieces I would need and all would be a collaborated effort if you don't like the 2D portion of mesh creation. All I ask is that you provide the shadow maps and UV wraps so I have something to work with! Visit Ark 13 Feel free to take a look around. As far as pricing and all that, we can talk in world! Post here if you're interested and please provide some examples of work! Thank you so much ahead of time and I look forward to your replies!
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