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  1. @CoffeeDujour O.o... all of that is WAY over my head (probably obvious), no clue what your talking about with your recommendations. But I like BFA, it's the first expansion since Vanilla where I got the Ambassador Achievement. And yes, I have run Wow quests while dancing, listening to music, and chatting in an SL club. But I digress and this is off topic. I'll look for ya in world and would love to pick your brain about your other response.
  2. Thank you, I bought it because I wanted to run SL (and WoW) lag free and at 100% graphics level, and there is one club I go to that regularly crashes my old system at even the lowest of graphic settings so it was worth it.
  3. Hello, I am seeing black spots in the night sky which I can assume are supposed to be stars? Any way to fix this? Thank you, Ian Cooler: Master Mastergel Maker CPU-Thermal Compound Optimized for Thermal Dissipation CAS: Corsair Obsidian 500D Premium Mid-Tower Case w/ Both side tempered glass Panels CPU: Intel(R) Core™ Processor i9-9900K 3.60GHZ 16MB Intel Smart Cache LGA1151 CS_FAN: 3X 120mm Case Fans for your selected case [+9] EXCD1: External USB DVDRW FAN: Asetek 650LS 120mm Liquid CPU Cooling System w/ Gen 6 Pump & Copper Cold Plate - Extreme Performance (Single Standard 120MM Fan) HDD: 240GB WD Green Series SATA-III 6 Gb/s SSD - Seq R/W: Up to 540/465 MB/s, Rnd R/W up to 37/68k HDD2: 4TB Samsung 860 EVO Series SATA-III 6 Gb/s SSD - Seq R/W: Up to 550/520 MB/s, Rnd R/W up to 100/90k IUSB: Built-in USB 2.0 Ports KEYBOARD: CyberpowerPC Multimedia USB Gaming Keyboard MEMORY: 64GB (16GBx4) DDR4/2400MHz Dual Channel Memory MONITOR: 2 - 27" Vizta V27Lmha1 Black 1920 x 1080p 5ms HDMI LED Backlight Gaming Monitor w/ Built-in Speakers MOTHERBOARD: ASRock Z390 Phantom Gaming 4 -CB ATX w/ 802.11ac Wi-Fi, ARGB, USB 3.1, 2 PCIe x16, 3 PCIe x1, 6 SATA3, 2 M.2 SATA/PCIe MOUSE: ASUS Cerberus Ambidextrous Wired 6-button 2500 DPI Optical Gaming Mouse NETWORK: Intel EXPI9301CTBLK Network Adapter 10/ 100/ 1000Mbps PCI-Express OS: Windows 10 Pro (64-bit Edition) POWERSUPPLY: 1,000 Watts - Corsair RMi Series RM1000i 80 PLUS GOLD Certified Fully Modular Ultra Quiet Power Supply PRO_WIRING: Professional Wiring for All WIRING Inside The System Chassis - Minimize Cable Exposure, Maximize Airflow in Your System RUSH: RUSH!!! READY TO SHIP IN 3 BUSINESS DAYS SOUND: HIGH DEFINITION ON-BOARD 7.1 AUDIO SPEAKERS: Creative Labs Sound BlasterX Katana RGB Multi-channel Bluetooth wire/Wireless Gaming Soundbar Dolby Digital 5.1 Decoder USBX: NZXT Internal USB 6-PORT Expansion Module VIDEO: GeForce(R) RTX 2070 8GB GDDR6 (Turing) [VR Ready] (Single Card)
  4. Hello, I can set the sky to different setting using the Sky tab, and a friend gave me this macro /*sky: Sky@1-2500:"NAME OF SKY SETTING" */ to add to my Land/General tab. But I would like to know if it would be possible to have the sun track with the RL sun? I know SL hour is like .25 RL hour(?) but i'd like to log into my region at sunrise and see the sun rise. Thank you, Ian
  5. This is how it was set but TP is working now. Thank you for the help.
  6. Just bought this full region two days ago and am getting it set up. I can share the LM with friends, which works fine, but when I offer a TP, or they request a TP, neither works. What setting am I missing?
  7. I guess I had better start paying attention to that sort of thing! Thank you!
  8. Amethyst, Am I missing a link to a video? This reply helps and will try it when I get home. Also, where is a good source for textures?
  9. I am about to pull the trigger on purchasing a full private island (20k prim one) and have a couple of general questions. 1. Is the monthly tier bundled with my monthly full member payment? 2. Can I pick where my island is located? I'd like to put it next to a friend's sim if there is room. 2a. If I can, how do I find out/tell SL where I want my Island? Thank you, Ian
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