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  1. Molly its on my land and happens random mostly when I move
  2. Being in Second Life so many years i thought I was imune to bugs sneaked on me but since a few days i keep getting this bubble around my avi with a big Fail written above ...I cant remember accepting any gifts ..I did character test and replaced all my clothes etc but it still pops up..any ideas on how to find what is bugging me or how to get rid of it?
  3. Thank you all so much, even if it feels like talking to first graders or a rock ....oh wait rocks are not wiseguys
  4. Hi everyone, I am going crazy with my viewer since a few days, my arrow keys for walking dont work right anymore and I cant control my avi and where its goes and I go in mouselook sometimes without me wanting to, before that I started crashing and reinstalled and that seems to be fixed but now this is happening Any advice please? Thank you
  5. Wer ist denn bei einem anderen Anbieter als Telekom und hat keine Probleme?
  6. Grad wieder probiert, bin reingekommen aber jetzt ist mein Avatar deformiert als wenn Mesh nicht erkannt wird, ich hoffe die arbeiten dran
  7. Hallo hat heute noch jemand Probleme beim Einloggen in SL, im Grid Status steht es ist ein Problem in Deutschland und man soll es dem Provider melden Dann kanns ja länger dauern, oder?
  8. I dont know the correct place to ask this but i need help I want to reactivate an Alt i deleted a week ago and i tried sending a ticket but I cant seem to send it off, every time i try i get redirected to the main page where i have to start over..also when i fill out the request it requires `relateted Ticket`number? How do I get it sent?
  9. The hud is different, Thanks for the advice I will try that
  10. I heve been wearing Belleza body for a long time with no problems, but since i got an update that changed When i use it and want to use the alpha section it doesnt show, only an incomplete body where I cant click out specific body sections Tried it now several times and its always the same Any idea what causes that? Thanks
  11. Hi I Don`t know why all mesh heads are not visible to me even though i have the update viewer..Singularity atm...all I see is brains and no faces..help please
  12. why is this an issue at all, if you choose to be a child then you are treated as one, meaning no access to adult sims..period
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