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  1. Hey, looking for friends too! Also, huge fan of FT! 😁
  2. Not to diminish your argument, but that's a rather hilarious and poetic description. I think, in the end, OP is pretty upfront of what she wants.. Of course, it's a taboo topic too. In the end, these arrangements benefit both parts - since the SDs are looking for arm candy as well as a good time, while the SBs get the attention as well as the spoiling benefits. My only problem is those that hide their agendas under the guise of friendship. As someone new, I've stumbled across a lot of individuals that don't label themselves as SB-wannabes or even escorts, until after they think they
  3. As someone who is new, reading this hit home. I've met lots of lovely people, but they hardly continue the friendship, or simply I'm not giving them what they want - either way, I'd be happy to be your friend in SL. There is still a lot I don't know about, so if that's fine with you - let me know!
  4. Wow! Lot's of cute and beautiful avs here. Reminds me that I need to get more clothes.
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