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  1. I cropped it out of an ad. It had occurred to me to message the store owner of the product (which was for lipstick), but I thought it might be annoying to them if I asked. Guess I'll try that route anyway, with delicate phrasing. Thanks, and here's hoping for good results.
  2. I'd like to know what store these eyes are from. Marketplace searches, Google searches, and in-world browsing have not yielded exact results.
  3. For the Catwa Animated Eyes, will the animation (the pupil dilation) only work with eye textures that were made specifically for the Animated Eyes? Or, can I apply third-party textures via Omega or Catwa to the same effect, even if they were not made specifically for the Animated Eyes?
  4. Better question: can someone explain how the Catwa Animated Eyes work? There are many eye textures available with the white ring I'm looking for, but will the actual animation (the pupil dilation) only work with eye textures that were made specifically for the animated eyes? Also, here's another example of the style of eyes I'm looking for. I actually really like these, so if someone knows more about these eyes, feel free to share : )
  5. Was able to figure it out the other day, but thanks for the tip : )
  6. Hey, thanks, I actually just discovered that store earlier today and marked it. They seem to have a lot in the way of natural skins and I intend to go back. That being said, my question remains open! I just provided this photo for reference; the eyes I seek may not be the ones pictured. My idea was to provide a probable image of the texture I saw in-game, along with the description that they are compatible with Catwa's Animated Eyes, in that they can have a pupil 'dilation' effect.
  7. Not a bad idea; I'll browse their flickr page and see if anything comes up. Much obliged.
  8. I saw folks with eyes similar to those pictured here (they may or may not be the right ones). What sets them apart is the ring. I'm looking for the texture, specifically, and I know they are compatible with the Catwa Animated Eyes, as I've seen the pupils "dilate" in-game. (I don't think they come with the Catwa Eyes as a default option, though I may be mistaken.) However, marketplace keyword searches and googlings have given me very little to go on. I would appreciate any help: a marketplace link, vendor name, in-world store location, photo... Thanks in advance : )
  9. I'm having the same issue and have yet to find any useful information.
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