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  1. How did you get your hands in your pockets? It looks edited. Great jacket btw
  2. It is a beautiful dress, and I wish there were more like this around. Does it move like tinfoil? The skirt is quite wide, so it shouldn't. I wouldn't want to wear something like that in RL, imagine using the restroom!
  3. See you next year. Unless this thread gets blocked, of course.
  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8AmjFLdpkyw&ab_channel=77TRendering
  5. The Shelter was one of the few places I could work on my appearance without getting banned.
  6. Try right-clicking then edit an attachment on your avatar (like jewelry or hair) should freeze it, then you won't have to chase your avatar. Freezing a motion capture AO gives better results than posing, in my experience.
  7. Which is more realistic, the picture above or this: Few people in Second Life go for realism. Perhaps you should go for beauty instead of realism. That way, you would be OK with yourself if you change all the time. If you want others to see what you see, then compose yourself using the shared environment. If you like dark skin, then you definitely need a facelight.
  8. Does anybody have a fix for that black, bushy eyelash mascara?
  9. I believe you're looking at a design issue, not a flaw but an aesthetic where that hair was made for a different model. There are a lot of hairs out there of similar style, the trick is to go through each one to find a perfect fit. Best wishes on that endeavor. Another possibility is that it is a design flaw, and that's why it's on sale. I think it's a pretty mesh head. I went to AK to get that head, but I only had L49 and couldn't afford to join the group. Sigh.
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