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  1. Then it is a truly wonderful thing that you are satisfied with your purchase.
  2. OK. I had the impression that you found yourself a truly flexible mesh head.
  3. The mesh head doesn't quite match the system head.
  4. Now check out the cloth physics for Tekken 7: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tg9lWdQ95_M But I'm sure we've all seen enough. This kind of cloth physics CAN be done in Second Life. It's just a matter of someone getting around to doing it.
  5. Yeah, it is about style isn't it? I wouldn't have watched those videos if it hadn't been for the girls. It's the same reason why I love to look at other people's avatars: it's an art form.
  6. Has anyone seen those mods on SFV where they fit the girls with new clothes? The skirts and dresses look awesome and move like real clothes. If SFV can do it, then there must be a way to make clothes like that in Second Life. Here's an example of what I'm talking about: Street Fighter V AE Karin vs Poison PC Mod. Mesh clothes in SL move like tinfoil, while flexi is broken up into segments which make them look unreal. Clothes here would look so much better if the cloth physics were more accurate. I'm sure designers and merchants would benefit as well.
  7. I did all that. Teleport Home took me to a safe hub.
  8. Maybe I DID put on an object that was RLV in ignorance. Many noobs do that, but I'm not a noob. Since I was sitting on a pose stand at the time working on my appearance and using apparel objects that I use regularly, I am compelled to insist that the situation is not RLV. I did not receive any prompts while putting on objects.
  9. I immediately returned to the sim I came from after the unprompted teleport. Nothing had changed, it had not crashed. If it had restarted, I would have been prompted.
  10. 1. I was sitting on a pose stand. 2. There are no experiences available at the sim I was teleported from. 3. The only objects I was wearing wear apparel objects (I was working on my appearance at the time). I use them all the time. 4. I did not pick up any objects prior to the teleport.
  11. It was definitely a different sim. The teleport was unprompted. I had never been to that sim before.
  12. This sim does allow limited building and rezzing, so it is possible that the culprit placed a dummy pose stand over the real pose stand. I'll go back and check, but if the guy has any brains he would delete the incriminating object immediately. But this does sound like the most plausible explanation, as opposed to getting paranoid and thinking the landowner or the Lindens are involved (just joking). I will bring this up with the landowner.
  13. I'm at this sim everyday, and I work on my appearance on the same pose stand everyday, and I am on good terms with the landowner. No I don't have a home location, which means that a safe hub would be my teleport home in case of mishap. This FEELS like an intentional act: piss-mouth bathroom at Dark Lust. I want to track down who did it.
  14. I was teleported against my will to an x-rated sim while I was working on my appearance, with the LL viewer. I was on a pose stand so no, I didn't pick up any objects. I'm trying to track down who did it to me, how they did it, and how to stop it (considering that I can't move fast enough to force ground sit at any given random moment). I sincerely doubt the landowner eject me there, and the only evidence I have that this occurred is the sim location on my teleport history. Orbit gun? Perhaps... Does anybody have any ideas about this? Thank you!
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