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  1. Hallo, habt ihr eine Idee warum ich keine in Blender erstellten Animationen für geriggte Objekte nach SL hochladen kann? Es kommt immer die gleiche Fehlermeldung: falscher root name. Danke für Antworten♥
  2. second life is an outdated and downright ridiculous platform in which sl's responsible idiots do not understand that blender users want to be creative by limiting their uploading ideas (particles, 4000 * 4000 textures, and vertices restrictions, etc.) to second life not stay. That is why SL only consists of today 1200 active users, of formerly millions. also animesh comes 7 years too late. what 2018 sl offers to its community is stone age graphics, stone age server issues, and a network of fraudulent avatar bots that lie to the users; they're real people.
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