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  1. I've told you my training via messages, which you've read and replied too. If you're saying I'm lying by my "word" then maybe you should think before mentioning yours cause anyone could say that about you too, but I'm sure you wouldn't like that right? Try treating others the way you want to be treated yourself, or don't come here expecting double standards... Last comment from now. Double standard noun plural noun: double standards a rule or principle which is unfairly applied in different ways to different people or groups.
  2. One last thing I'm gonna say then I will stop. SL's meant to be a place of positivity, experience, learning and fun. Why not let yours be the same aswell, what you achieving with all this negativity here today/the last few of days? It's not exactly productive any of this spite, hate and holding a grudge. I'm not asking you to like me or anything but yeah focus on something positive? Only got one life, sometimes its better just to make the most of it and be there for people not against them. All it does is just makes you feel bad when it boils down to it.
  3. The irony is Sere, she read and replied a message here where I told her my RL training and 8 or so hours later when she realised I wouldn't respond here lol - which was read straight away aswell because it says so. I'm not behaving in the manner you are, I'm just asking that the discussions kept less argumentative, more in private about what you're asking cause 1. its got nothing to do with me this post, it's an employment forum and we're asked to stay on topic as you even just proven yourself via what Corky said. 2. Your asking me for my RL information, which I'm sorry but no I respectfully refuse to do that. I will tell you my training in private which I already have done. Just seems like you haven't got any boundaries and want to pick a fight at anything you can. It's not just me you go after others forum posts gloating and being critical. All you're doing is providing a reflection of yourself and getting yourself a bad reputation for these forums.
  4. The thing is though, even if I did I'd have it thrown at me that I faked it. I've even had that from others accounts in-world who where clearly trolls themselves having screaming gestures and saying "bow to the king" in-world lol. Last time a staff member had a forum post that happened. I'm happy to answer to what my training is, I'm just asking that its in-world. That's all I'm not gonna be bullied into changing that.
  5. Lie again? I haven't lied about anything. Why do you think there is an option to report RL disclosure? Again though, assuming the worst. If I am wrong, then you could say that's a mistake, but no you have to say "lying again" when I haven't actually lied about anything. I just don't honestly get what your problem is, you've been hunting down my posts for nearly a year now... Tranquillity's still going, your not making an effort to actually properly find out in-world as I have respectfully asked for a long time now. It only makes me think that you intentionally are harassing me through the forums. Well not just me either.. you've done it to staff from TTC aswell. Your holding a grudge. Like what do you think your the forum police or something? Cause its not just me you target you go after others forums posts aswell all in your little group you've made... You get asked to stop and have forums posts blocked from further responses. Maybe find something a little more positive to do?
  6. Ok I didn't want to get off topic here, but you say to me that you're a "Therapist" and also on your profile that you provide recommendations for medication. Which nor a Counsellor or Therapist does nor is even allowed too. Also when I asked the very start of what you should of learned at the start of any Counselling courses - MHFA you couldn't tell me what it even stands for. Yeah the website doesn't, doesn't mean we don't provide that information though lol. We have that information in-world. But unless you make an effort to come in and see for yourself, then you're gonna be able to hold that against us. You're making your own choices on that that's not my fault. It's been offered to you, but you are refusing. So it's not my problem. I given you a choice of what I am comfortable with. Take it or stop complaining of what you aren't sure about. I'm not going to be dictated by you. As you should also know, Therapists/Counsellors don't force/manipulate someone into change, judge or dictate at people. They empower them, support them to open up and have compassion for what their needs are. Your the one putting me on defence because you are being judgemental/critical without knowing anything about me. So for me that and other things I've mentioned speak volumes to me. Sometimes 'if I give you benefit of the doubt that you're being honest' its not just about someones paperwork/training. It's about how someone is personally. How much compassion they have, how they are willing to listen and not make assumptions. I've met plenty of narcissistic personalities when it comes to people with the training too. Also I did answer to you, but you still stuck by what you want to believe - thinking the worst of me. So I yeah I turned the situation around and put you in my shoes asking the same things you asked me, which you also stated you would not answer too and you wasn't gonna continue talking. Works both ways. End of the day, this forum post isn't about me and what I do. It's about potential for others to join our team, which is why I ask that things are asked in private, I also don't want to publicly expose where I am from etc which is why I am not public with it, and I offer information in-world. If I give in to the pressure you're giving my to prove myself, then I do expose my RL information (which is also against TOS) because you don't simply want me to "say here" you want me to show my RL qualifications, then still accuse me of potentially faking it lol. But yeah you're going on saying "ohh anyone can say this, anyone can photoshop etc." yet you state your "experience" and expect us to bow down and accept you as you are. So you have double standards. Play fair and I might be more trusting. End of conversation here.
  7. Yeah no rush but the offer is there if you're also having suspicions about us being the same person. Thank youu, yours is sweet.
  8. I didn't notice actually lol. If they think that they can voice verify us, no disrespect but I can not do your accent hahah. I love your accent though!
  9. Lol oh yeah when you said "Don't even try to threaten me", out of the blue for no reason... I didn't threaten you at all. Feel free to say what I did threaten you with by all means though. Plus there was way more to that chatlog. [2018/09/02 15:53] Steffii Sugabum (steffiisugabum): Hi so do you want to talk civilized here instead? I'm not going to get into arguments through the forums hun. So if you're looking for a reaction, you're looking in the wrong place. ^ What I actually said to you which you took as, me threatening you?
  10. I've not said you have doxxed me, I have said I'm not risking it with you because you know as well as I do there is a lot more you do say when we're in private that gets nasty/judgemental. This post isn't about advertising our services, hence why its on an employment forum and its not written in the slightest way to state what services we are providing/my qualifications myself. That info can be found else where/in-world. As I've already mentioned aswell I answer to you in private and you either insult, continue your grudge or ignore everything I say. So its up to you, you can give us chance and find out the truth for yourself. Or you can continue what ever this is on here. I've given you chance, you're not giving us chance so I don't even urge you, I suggest if you are not willing to find out properly, then don't complain about what you haven't got a clue about.
  11. Aka nick picking Sere lol. You selectively read very well, yes. Also for the record no one that young has ever applied nor being accepted. The chances of anyone doing so are pretty slim aswell. We both know that, that is why you're using it against me. As that all you attempt to do. Which is exactly why I am not going to disclose RL information to you for my own safety of not being doxxed.
  12. It's literally like copy and paste from the past hun. Same thing gets said over and over and we are still helping people. I'm not forcing anyone to come here, nor to work here. It's all by choice. Also why would I spend the time to fake my qualifications? Do you believe the same thing about Therapists or Counsellors in RL aswell, or the newer Counselling services online? That theirs on their walls or what ever are photoshop? Come on... have a bit of reality and stop trying to imagine the worst. If I was a fake do you really think I would dare to even post on here? People aren't in danger we state clearly when people arrive that we are not here to replace any RL help which made be needed, which is accessed through well-being assessments before any therapy/counselling starts and during the start of each session. I also have a listing of valid RL resources world-wide people can use for help when in crisis, even though I'm actually trained to support people in crisis I wont because its Second Life. It would also be urged that people go to their nearest crisis centre, A&E/ER, Doctor or dial their emergency services in their RL if they felt in danger to themselves or anyone else aswell. We are not here too, nor never been designed as a replacement for any RL treatment which maybe needed. We are here as support, and awareness for Mental Health. Please, stop making assumptions and talk with me or even come see us in-world. That's all I am trying to ask for. Ok I get that there maybe worries/anxiety of the unknown. That's ok I can accept that and will happily answer to that aswell. I just will not put up with abuse/harassment from assumptions. This is my finial comment. If you want to continue that's up to you. I'm not going to respond to any more negativity.
  13. It's been asked on multiple occasions that if that's wanted to be known ask privately. 1. These forums isn't the place to be giving out that kind of information. 2. I nor has anyone else attacked anyone. I am getting sick of having aggressive pre-judgement though through these forums, and no "look for somewhere else to post about jobs" isn't what I will do nor I will be dictated at - which I've had openly thrown at me in the past aswell. Your a Resident just like me in Second Life. I have answered to it in-world aswell, and I get sworn at and insulted anyway. Which leads to me just having to ban because I can not take the "concern" seriously nor am I here to put up with that.
  14. No I understand just fine how forums work, and what the rules are for these forums in particular. I'm just at my limit with being harassed by the same people for nearly a year.
  15. Thank you Sere I'm going un-follow this post after and yeah I have tried contacting via messages here and in-world but I get ignored. They want to be seen. That's fine too. Just a shame it can't be in a positive way. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Sorry to get hopes up but I don't have the time/wont make the time for you if you are just going to assume, troll and looking for a reaction. If you want to ask anything of a civilised/serious manner/matter, go ahead. If you're going to continue to be aggressive through the forums though.. then you will be talking to yourself from now on.
  16. I don't want to get off topic, but that's not at all why I banned. When it comes to the "questions" though. It doesn't matter what I say, because there are already assumptions made. Yes I do have training/qualifications though. I make sure that others who want to join our staff for the therapy services do aswell. This is via questions in the application, along with questions during 2 interviews about past and current experience/training.
  17. Already answered to you in-world. No matter what I say you attempt to use it against me and have an incorrect perception of what Therapists are actually allowed to do. Due also to the other facts which are unrelated to the topic here you're also banned from Tranquillity. So please stop hunting down every post of mine and our staffs. Any civilised and reasonable questions maybe answered to in-world.
  18. We are looking for more compassionate people to join our friendly staff team here at Tranquillity Therapy, Wellness & Learning Centre. Do you love to support, have a lot of compassion for, and understanding when it comes to our Mental Health? Do you feel interest to join our mission to provide a safe, friendly and understanding environment for Mental Health awareness/support within Second Life? Well, then we welcome you to apply to join! Available Positions Therapy Staff: Counsellor Therapist Responsibilities include ○ Providing supportive, compassionate and genuine care towards providing Therapy/Counselling Services. Using your own professional knowledge/experience towards aiding your clients with their needs and emotions. Attentively listening, understanding and guiding for their Well-Being. ○ Should anyone be in Crisis (we have assessments to show this) referring your client to the Owner of Tranquillity confidentially for them to gain real life resources/guidance. ○ Patience and confidentially at all times. ○ Dependent, committed and able to work as a team. ○ Therapists are also eligible to work as "E.S" (Extra Shifts) at reception. Rules and conditions apply to make this fair on Support Staff who solely work at reception. ○ Therapists may also hold events/classes aswell. Or even apply as both a Therapist and Coach as-long as they have time for both roles equally. Requirements: ○ 4 hours minimum availability for Therapy/Counselling. Therapists/Counsellors must be able to commit an hour and a half for Therapy/Counselling sessions booked, with a possibility of 1 session per an amount of weeks or 2 sessions per an amount of weeks. ○ 18+ RL & RP. ○ Human Avatars ~ exceptions: Elf's, Pixies - however a human adult appearance (not xxx ranking) is required. ○ Your account must be at least 4 months - 120 days old. ○ RL Therapist/Counsellor Experience and/or Qualifications. Coaches Life Coach Meditation Coach Mental Health Support Coach Responsibilities include: ○ Providing supportive, compassionate and genuine care towards providing Group Tutoring/Meditation Guidance. Being friendly to new comers. Treating everyone as an equal and be prepared to answer to any questions, and give chance for everyone who has a comment to make one and be accepted for their comments. Attentively listening, understanding and guiding for their Well-Being. ○ Patience and confidentially at all times. ○ Dependent, committed and able to work as a team. ○ Coaches in particular would benefit being able to stick with strict deadlines. Keep up communication and share ideas/events currently being worked on with the Owner/Head of all Staff. ○ Coaches are also eligible to work as "E.S" (Extra Shifts) at reception. Rules and conditions apply to make this fair on Support Staff who solely work at reception. ○ Coaches may apply as Therapist aswell. As-long as they have time for both roles equally. Requirements: ○ 4 hours minimum working on Events/Classes. Coaches must also hold an Event/Class at the minimum; once every two weeks, for a minimum of an hour per Event. ○ 18+ RL & RP. ○ Human Avatars ~ exceptions: Elf's, Pixies - however a human adult appearance (not xxx ranking) is required. ○ Your account must be at least 4 months - 120 days old. ○ RL Mental Health, Life or Meditation Coaching Experience and/or Training/Qualifications. Therapy staff/Coaching Staff Assistants Support Staff Support Staff Responsibilities: ○ Able to be active and attentive to help our visitors/patients coming in. ○ Welcoming, friendly and comforting to all visitors/patients, offering to be of help if they need. ○ Patient, understanding and committed. ○ Able to work as a Team from time to time. ○ Confident towards working at Reception, following a structured appointment booking (of course this will include training for how it works via Tranquillity). Requirements: ○ 4 hours work/availability per week minimum. ○ 18+ RL & RP. ○ Human Avatars ~ exceptions: Elf's, Pixies - however a human adult appearance (not xxx ranking) is required. ○ Your account must be at least 4 months - 120 days old. If you would like to join with us, and gain more information you can view our website/applications for more details of our positions. Thank you for your interest, we look forward to hearing from you! Application: https://tranquillitytherapyclinic.blogspot.com/p/apply.html SLURL: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Casvian Caye/161/193/22
  19. Lets Chat | Group Therapy Happy October 1st everyone! We welcome you to join us for our weekly Group Therapy Session "Lets Chat!" Where we all come together for one thing; "To be there for each other, no matter what we're going through, all together." You can contribute as much as you want too, share, support and make friends with one another. Only major rule, is that whats shared in this session stays in this session, it does not leave the room. Ever! For more details and to get registered please check out our website, and also come drop by! Look forward to seeing you! ♥ URL: https://tranquillitytherapyclinic.blogspot.com/p/lets-chat.html SLURL: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Casvian Caye/156/165/22
  20. The Hero Walk, hosted by Life Coach Liriel. A new Series of Life Coaching will be starting up this up coming Thursday - 27th September 2018. Hosted by Tranquillity's Life Coach Liriel. The Hero Walk will be held bi-weekly (every 2 weeks) on a Thursday at 11:30 AM SLT. Held in the Learning Centre. We welcome you to join with us! These sessions are a great resource to teach you your own self help/growth for higher self-esteem and to build up social confidence. For more details please take a look at our Website for more details about the Event. We look forward to meeting you! ♥ URL: https://tranquillitytherapyclinic.blogspot.com/p/hero-walk.html SLURL: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Casvian Caye/154/198/22
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