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  1. Lol yes I don't talk about SL in RL either hahaha. It's where I go to when I'm on my own, want some time to chill and hang out with my friends online. I'm a bit of an introvert so I do just like my space, SLs a good opportunity for that lol. Yeah there are things that give SL a bad rep sadly. Bloggers for example though do help give SL a better rep though. Some people are even getting into vlogging in SL too. I think if people shared their positive experiences more it would help a lot.
  2. Not saying disagreement is restriction. It's the aggression, name calling, being judgemental etc that's an attempt to restrict people.
  3. Lol what exactly is wrong about my opinion that Rape RP isn't beneficial in SL? If anybody can't live without Rape RP in SL. Well you do you, but I wouldn't go boosting about it.
  4. As I said earlier. If there wasn't such a need to seek perfectionism. You wouldn't be arguing lol. For some reason your comments shown to me again, maybe I un-ignored but... no don't start your preaching @Selene Gregoire cause you're one of the rudest and selfish in this forum from how you treated me and others. Did nothing wrong to you and you treated us as your enemy drawing attention to yourself with the ignorance of "come back when you had 45 years". I'll have you know with friends of mine and family put together I have more years then you have for yourself, but that's the point really. Yo
  5. Lol yeah course your not making assumptions/stereo typing lol. I haven't once said don't you dare disagree with me or anything lol. I've even said to you you don't have to agree. I'm just suggesting you're less aggressive with this. You don't have to be like. Lol I don't really care if you try talk down to me really, I'm just pointing out if you clearly are getting so mad at responses yourself... try treating others as you wanna be treated yourself. Last response from me. You go ahead and think what you like.
  6. And again, assumptions, patronising, stereo typing. You're not gonna get any point across if you are aggressive. Talk to me when you calm down. Not here to be accused of things nor talked down too by you. I also haven't provided any hate speech. If me stating that rape which effects people for life isn't a good thing and in my opinion would be beneficial to be revised in SL, is hate speech to you. Well that's just your opinion. Didn't state anywhere disagreeing with someone is a personal attack lol. Hence the quote I made "we can agree to disagree".
  7. I'm sorry to see about your experience by the way. Not impressed by that myself either. Guess just from what I know, you could block the people, never go there again. Even worth reporting cause it seems like its just abusive. Not that I'm condoning this RP at all cause I just don't, it disgusts me. However, they've not asked you out of character at the farrr far minimum if you are here to RP that. It kinda comes across to me that they was just being abusive and not RPing when they was talking to you.
  8. Or maybe like most people, she is mature enough to speak out against something that's so wrong. You don't have to agree of course. This has become immature at times though with many assumptions and personal attacks just for someone sharing a concern out of awareness. I'm not really trying to be insulting but the responses at times its like talking to someone who is still finding themselves therefore will have an open mind about "anything" that isn't properly understood, or what an outcome of something could be before happening. You either know something is wrong and wont try to justify y
  9. Then don't try restrict our free-speech of our opinion of whether rape RP is acceptable in SL.
  10. I know what the post was about... I agree that it should be banned even myself. Sorry I didn't meet your standards in my wording lol... Maybe I will try to do all the extreme perfectionism you do yourself. Anyway, with both those "topics" then, yeah SL would be a more positive place without these things. Everybody here is aware of what goes on in RL, SL for many is an escape/for entertainment from RL, so with that said, why should something negative be in SL? I can certainly live without it and I'm sure these people "for rape RP" could aswell, and if they can't, that this rape RP is all t
  11. Ok your point is understood. But the topic in the first place was about rape rp in SL. There's so many topics that could be had about what we think is wrong or right, likely be never ending though. If you feel abortion rp in SL is a problem then thats fine to speak up. Butt doesn't mean to say we can't keep on topic about this issue?
  12. Hoping people did have a nice Christmas, even if you do see me as your enemy which I'm not lol! P.s the selective people doing laugh emojis on mine, Seres, and Bliss's posts, and liking each others stuff doesn't bother me nor make me doubt myself lol. Sorry if I burst your bubble(s) on that one. 😊
  13. Its Christmas... Also why are we still attacking people who are on topic with a thread? I don't care what ever excuses, insults etc are made against me on this. Had my way all this evil rp would be gone. But I am doing what I can. By making suggestion that LL atleast investigates this matter for themselves.
  14. You keep going back and fourth towards sucking up and being against us lol. Even with the lil emoji things lol. But yeaah lets ALL try to have a nice Christmas day! P.s offers there if you are convinced we are alts lol. There is such a thing as close friendship yey.
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