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  1. Why should I have to deal with the triggers from SL in the first place? Why you defending these people/places? That's what truly is baffling me. It's not just me who feels this way either as I have said many times. I'm also not playing a pitty card at all... but what you said was very ignorant and I was setting an example that IF I could just force stop my feelings, you honestly think I wouldn't? Yeah cause I don't just wanna feel at peace at all... I am managing my conditions/symptoms as best as I can. If anything I personally think your in denial that this is a problem, "that it isn't a problem", because its easier for you to deal with. That I can understand, that's your way of dealing with it. Doesn't work for me and others as you can see right here though. So please, stop projecting your thoughts onto me. Accept me as I am or don't that's your choice. Don't ever think I will bow down and say your right when I don't believe you are though. I'm not here to please you, nor am I here for your control/to be shut up and listen to you. I have my thoughts/feelings about this, you don't like it that's your problem. I'm not here telling anybody they can't feel a certain way, you are me though. Your not gonna change my mind. So just accept it, cause if you don't, I'll just resort to muting you. I'm not here to be bullied into your way of thinking.
  2. Clearly don't have any idea how C-PTSD/PTSD works... If I could get over my past, I simply would. It's been since 2010 for me and I have nightmares every time I sleep. Flash backs every day, all day. That's what the condition does to me and many. I manage it with medication, which is also helping me manage my depression, GAD and Agoraphobia. I didn't ask to be the way I am. I became the way I am because of things from my past. Things I didn't ask for. So yeah I'm just asking for a little consideration for people even attempting to give it the "its ok."
  3. I understand what you are saying and I'm not saying I totally disagree. Just because it's worse in RL, doesn't mean it doesn't matter that its being promoted/depicted in SL. There are cases where in situations such as gaming, films etc aswell where it comes up as being "influenced" to do so in RL aswell. I'm not saying that's not an excuse cause I think it is to be honest when it comes down to it. I think its about someones character/control that makes people do these things. But yeah, SL has an excuse for people and that's something I'm really not comfortable with. Please don't assume what I am or aren't doing in RL either. I've not mentioned what I do in RL so don't use your assumptions against me. Ask me. I have, and still plan to help support other people who have been through it, along with awareness to prevent it aswell. Not only is it a concern though that with it being in SL as a Roleplay it can be used as an excuse, I also personally among many don't want to see this negative RP. Like I've already said, I and many you wont even realise about have been through it in RL. Someone making out its all ok... it's obviously gonna effect us. For me personally, I'm effected because of two experiences I have had in my RL past. Not going into details either with this, but I also have friends and family who have had RL experience with the trauma aswell. For me and many, and I'm not gonna force myself to filter myself either for this I didn't ask to feel this way nor can I help it. However, when its catching me off guard when I'm not trying to look for anything of the sort related via Marketplace or In-world, its a big issue. Do I want the triggers? No, do I wanna feel like someone wouldn't even have any care that I and many have been through abuse like that? No. Do I even want the potential of someone throwing in my face (which has happened), randomly and when I say I don't agree and that I've been through it in RL as to in part of why I don't agree to be mocked/laughed about? No. Just try to remember one thing atleast, it's called Rape, for a reason. If it was just consensual sex. It'd be called that. Rapes not about pleasure in reality. It's about control/power over someone. It's an inhuman act against someone. So do "I think" this is just an acceptable Roleplay? No. If someone was RPing another disrespectful/evil subject, such as racism, homophobia etc. would you still be saying "oh its just RP, just leave it if you don't like it". This is about setting boundaries, safety and just really being respectful. That's my view of it. You don't have to agree, but I'm not gonna back down and say I'm comfortable with what I see just as plain evil even un-compassionate RPing in SL.
  4. I was answering to your last question of what I thought about LL maybe making SL G rated. So I gave you that? Lol. I've not said also there aren't possible ways to avoid and I have already said that I myself avoid it. I'm also saying though, that I don't see that its ok as it is now because its just way too easy to find at this time. Not just in-world but on Marketplace aswell. All I'm saying is a suggestion that I hope LL may review this matter for themselves. Notices that shes suddenly become a comedian with the same person reacting with a laugh emoji to all her comments. Least I made you smile? Lol.
  5. Lol er no. I've not told you, you can't have your opinion. I've just stated you're not gonna change mine. Your the one who replied to me, that keeps replying to me even though I've said this is how I feel, you're not changing that. Don't turn this around on me when I've not said anything in the slightest that means I'm saying you can't have your view, as I haven't.
  6. I don't know lol. Butt, I know SL over all is loaded lol platforms like this always are. I'm just saying though its something I'd be able to live without. If others don't like it then yeah they have to consider that this is their business, their terms. Not everything can/has to be about pleasing someone else. I think, aslong as its not causing anyone any harm, it doesn't matter. Theres a lot more to not just SL, but life in general, then adult orientated matters.
  7. I don't really care if they do, its their business lol. If it was gonna get these things out of SL it wouldn't bother me I'd rather go G then Abuse Simulators. There are things I can live without in SL for it to be a more positive place.
  8. Sorry but no lol, we're talking about rape RP/Simulation. You're making it about BDSM. Never once mentioned BDSM. I'm not gonna ever leave well alone, well I leave well alone by refusing to participate like, but I will never 100% leave well alone because of someone else's concern, before anything has even happened yet. I'm never going to say, oh well... I'm just gonna try avoid that there are date rape drugs on Marketplace. There's people not seeing a problem with rape simulation in SL. Just because you're telling me to do so. I feel the way I feel, if you don't like that that's on you. I haven't asked for your opinion. So please stop trying to convince me because it will not work. Your not and will not be in control/manipulate me into thinking the same way you think. I'm not trying to change your mind, so don't try to change mine, thank ya! P.s lol not demanding anything, suggesting its revised.
  9. Nice assumption of me being vanilla. Lol. I'm not actually. However I have limits. I personally believe everyone should have limits just for their own safety. We don't know "anything" we can make assumptions though, yes. I'm not faulting you by the way for having a concern. Concerns are valid, a natural part of being human. However, I have a concern about what is going on in SL in the present. If you can't take another point of view, that's fine. However, you're not gonna change my mind on this one. p.s I actually love latex lol... Especially gold/rosegold lol.
  10. I understand your concern, but I don't agree really. You can't tell the outcome of something before its happened. There are plenty of things in the past where the law has gone wrong. Not gonna get into that here because its off topic. There is things going on today aswell that I don't agree with either. But yeah when its getting to the point of being able to be found so easily, when there are objects/devices/drugs being sold and advertised for rape simulation which is already against the MP TOS anyway... it does need revising in my view.
  11. I get your hurt totally it does make me sad to see it in SL not just for myself, but for others too. There is, really sadly, so many people this effects, more then we will ever know, negatively because of experience they've had, friends have had or family too. I'm in all of those situations... I don't agree with the concept some have of "get over it, avoid it" cause lol come on do they think we haven't tried avoiding it hence why we are complaining? Anyway. It's good you express how you feel, just as friendly advise though yeah make your point then don't let anybody who doesn't agree anger you. Cause yeah it will just get used against you, in these forums there is a high expectation for perfectionism to be had and its pretty unreasonably annoying. Maybe try contact Linden Lab directly aswell. See what they think, I think its getting out of control when it comes to these places and I think for the benefit of all, it'd be a good step forward from this for LL to revise the matter(s) for themselves. Another thing you can do aswell, mute. There is that option here aswell. I do it when someone tries to make an argument.
  12. Off topic, also how can you even compare the two... (not a literal question by the way just a reconsideration request).
  13. What I can't understand though is if mp tos says no objects etc to depict anything unconsentual etc. Why is there so many places for this obviously creating for this. Why there so many stores that catch me off graud with rape simulation objects etc. I think it needs to be revised. As for being about healing why is the blame coming onto people effected by this due to trauma? Did we ask for our experience? Obviously not. I personally aren't gonna "heal" because I have c-ptsd. I dont see why anybody should have expectations for anyone to be accepting of this. We're talking about a matter that distroys, and traumatised people for life in rl.
  14. Well course we're not entitled to ban something we're not Linden Lab staff lol. Butt, I do aswell as many actually, think these abuse simulators should be re-considered. As it is promoting something that is extremely dangerous in RL. It's also providing a negative experience for people who have been through the abuse triggering them. Even just in search for example. You can be looking for somewhere totally unrelated but they pop up in a huge listing of not just Adult Sims, but Moderate aswell. Same with MP I've even seen "date rape" pills being sold... It's something I strongly urge to be re-looked at.
  15. Fyi its not just men who assault. It can happen to men aswell. You do you, don't attack others for how they are feeling. Rape is evil. Anybodies got a right to have what ever emotions they feel. I don't understand how people can be going out their way to justify something "I" see as something inhumanly, disgustingly evil. Thats my opinion. If you don't agree rather then telling me or anybody on same wave length as me to move on when its completely on topic. You move on?
  16. I haven't told anyone how to feel actually if you read my comments lol. I've only shared what rules I do know of for it, and that I really don't agree with it.
  17. How about we stop telling people how to feel about things, if we wanna be able to express ourselves? Aka stop trying to argue aimlessly. Its a forum post/question not a competition. I do personally stay away from these places and flag/report objects for it too. However, I do feel if its gonna be bannable to create/sell any objects to aid depicting/roleplaying this. Then places shouldn't be active. Dont bring up what I've done in the past/go off topic. Did anybody ask you for an opinion of what I did? No. Fyi I did no harm by doing so either. Anyway... I am among many am a saviour of this abuse. Its not as simple as "move on". If we could we would no pleasure is had from remembering. Its called having trauma. I honestly too think its dangerous for this rp to be in sl. Never know if someone actually has these fantasies in rl aswell.
  18. Banned Content Is Not Allowed For Any Residents. Non-consensual sexual content, or any content or items that depict or suggest sexual activity that all parties involved did not consent to. Sexual content involving minors, or any sexually explicit or suggestive content or items depicting minors. Cruel or hateful content, or content or items that depict or suggest cruelty or hatred towards individuals or animals. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/listing_guidelines <- reference. It is banned, I personally think Linden Lab needs to set their foot down on banning places which exist for this.
  19. Have replied via messages as this is going off topic again, which we've already been asked not too. Sere was referring to the fact that I was approved for SL15B and was there.
  20. Today at 11:30 AM SLT our Life Coach Liriel is going to be holding her Hero Walk Class at Tranquillity! If you wish to attend, just follow the white arrows to the Learning Centre. This will be on voice, but text is also available. No experience prior is required either. So we welcome everyone, and you are very welcome to invite your friends and family to this great resource for confidence building! Visit our website for more information. We look forward to seeing you! ♥ https://tranquillitytherapyclinic.blogspot.com/p/hero-walk.html LM: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Casvian Caye/154/162/22
  21. Why do you feel the need to carry on here, and not even reply to my message? I'd understand if you replied to my message and I hadn't replied. I've said when it comes to my qualifications/training which I will happily share, to keep it to a private message cause 1. it's off topic which is against the rules here, 2. I don't want to put out my RL information here in the public. I am giving the option for you to find out, but safely/the way I'm actually allowed too here.
  22. I'm not roleplaying anything and I don't actually allow anyone to roleplay when it comes to mental health via Tranquillity. Howeverr, I am trained towards helping people in crisis, counselling, trauma based therapy/CBT and general CBT. Anyway that last comment I made wasn't about what I do I think you will find, it was actually a reply to the accusation made against me that I'm trying to "fix" people via being a Therapist, which is completely wrong. No Therapists should have that mind set.
  23. One thing I'm going to say is, Therapists/Counsellors never view someone with a Mental Health Condition, trauma etc as needing to be fixed, or should try to "fix" someone. As no one with a Mental Health Condition, Trauma or just needing support, needs to be fixed, but supported, have understanding, compassion, acceptance and be supported to accept themselves aswell. I can and will provide that with my training and experiences - as I also have Mental Health Conditions myself too. So not only am I trained and qualified, but I understand and can be extremely empathetic. - Before you use that against me aswell, yes I have had my own support, and I'm medicated too so I do manage my own health. So you go ahead and carry on with your negativity. I've said all I have to say and now I choose to focus on the positive and support.
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