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  1. And here is today's look ^-^ Happy rez day @Pauck ! xx
  2. Hello ! As someone who just started taking photos very recently I'd be thrilled if such a thing was to happen ! I can only give you my point of vue from this angle but I think that is a very good idea and many people could benefit from that. To be honest, I was a bit sad to find out that it didn't already exist. I was almost expecting it to already be a thing haha Not that I want someone to do all the hard work for me but it's a bit hard to get started, you don't know if you do things properly, or what are the ways to do basic things. I'm sure that I do things that would make seasoned photographers cringe but well... And I sure as hell could benefit from some kind of "mentor" or a community if I had questions... you know ! I can't be the only one. Sorry if it seems like I'm complaining, that's not what I mean at all >.< But yay for a photographers community with tips and tricks and good camaraderie !
  3. Oh this one for sure ! It's the Crimson Call - Cassidy Silk Boudoir dress in red ♥
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