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  1. Before the new themes came out, I'd always hoped to catch a house on Wingrove, as it's next to Cape Ekim (the Dragon quest), plus there was a public swimming pool. But I wonder if the phantom land Nibbler might be the person who is always sitting in Guy Linden's home 🤔, but you're not allowed to talk to her 😕 so I was too scared to ask her 😀
  2. I'd like to thank the person who abandoned their plot on Maimonides. My alt gave up a great place on Overbite, years (SL ones) ago, to go for a Victorian, which I've regretted since then. I never found my perfect cabin either, they would have a bad view directly into a neighbours house, or the trail, or just didn't have that cabin vibe I wanted. The parcel on Maimonides is secluded, has trees, rocks, and is quiet. So thank you to the person who gave it up today.
  3. OR... just like in RL, when a friend falls asleep on the couch and you 'decorate' them with makeup, or sharpies... LL should give new LH owners the option to 'decorate' the lurking previous tenant 😉
  4. I gave them time, and have always IM'd... and waited for a reply... then just booted them out. I would never AR on that either, but when they are there so long, and you just want to empty out your inventory in the new place... I usually wait, when getting a new place and seeing it for the first time, using the map, until the green dot has gone, but some of them just don't want to go. I will start charging a parking fee on the next one!
  5. I have my main map ready to run as soon as I've hit the abandon button. I don't want anyone to see I was there 😉
  6. I've found it more annoying to get a house, and find the previous owner is still in there! If you abandon, then leave straight away please. I'd rather have their profile pic in the land info which is really easy to delete, than the person themselves. I've had to resort to the LH security option a couple of times.
  7. My main avi was one of the ones who used to hang out at HIP ~ we played a game "First one Back!" when SL kicked us all out. I got in under 80 (as in 80 people were in world) aah the good old days 😁
  8. Haha I love that you mentioned *****t, my favourite swear word, because if you mouth it, it looks like "what"? I don't have road rage... obviously 🤐 And LL have bleeped the word out, even though it's a place name 🤣
  9. Ankh Morpork, they already have Octarine in the old regions. Or Boggy Bottom, Fanny Barks (there are so many to choose from in the UK!) 🤣 I didn't include the ruder ones 😉
  10. Yep, I see him from the balcony! He's staring at Whitney 😮 I'm about to release mine at Cordwainer, it's a sweet spot, but I'm still hoping for the perfect creepy Victorian house...
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