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  1. OHHHH that's a great idea! How do I know what skins go with the LAQ Gaia head. I tried to do a search in the Marketplace but zilch comes up and when I go to the skin stores I don't find skins that go with that head. I do have the Omega applier for Maitreya body. When it says Omega compatible is that what that means or do I need a Omega applier specific to LAQ heads?
  2. Ok, I have a question. So I have a LAQ head - Gaia and a shape by Strawberry Singh made specifically for the Gaia head. When I am looking for a skin/shape what do I need to look for? One that is compatible for both the head and the body or just the head? and if you are looking at a skin will it look like that on you? I just recently switched from a classic head and Maitreya body to a LAQ head. Just don't want to buy a skin/shape that doesn't work. I am not BOM and don't plan on it.
  3. Ok, I should probably have presented this a bit different. I was in the Bellesseria chat room and someone said that nudity was okay anywhere in Bellesseria as long as sexual activity wasn't going on or people weren't walking around with erect parts. What I said was I highly doubt that it's ok just to walk around anywhere nude just because the sim is labeled a moderate sim. I was immediately attacked and they said yes, you can...Patch even confirmed that we could be naked anywhere if we wanted to. OH, I see that group Bellesseria Citizen's is not a linden group. I thought that was an official
  4. In the Bellisseria main chat. I was told that it is rated moderate and that Patch told them they could be naked wherever they wanted to be. OH yeah and that why am in SL if I don't like stuff like that among other things.
  5. Well that was my point but I was told I didn't need to ask.
  6. Ok, cool....so any event that is held on Bellisseria I can be nude in? Thanks guys!
  7. It's my understanding that in Bellisseria it is ok to be naked and walk around naked anywhere you want, even in public and there is nothing anyone can do about it.
  8. Is there really a reason to "move in" with someone? Given the rate that SL relationships fail you'd be better off just renting a skybox for 25L to do your "thing", whatever that might be and trade off months paying it. That way if something happens no ones sim is messed up and you just go back to the way you were before you met. If the relationship last then by that time there really is no need to ask this question because it will just work itself out. The only time I would ask someone to contribute half is if we were going to engage in RP and live on the RPing sim and rent there. Th
  9. Interesting...I've never seen Roleplaying done in Bellisseria ever. I mean they have events but as far as roleplaying..nope. I also find it very cliquish. I do have a log home in Bellisseria.
  10. Are there any other community sims besides. Fox Hollow, Cedar Crest or City of Roseville? I've looked at all three and either all the homes are gone or the ones that are at a decent price point are either trailer trash or dingy motels or apts with peeling wallpaper. Looking for maybe a smaller community RP sim and wondered if there are any out there.
  11. I had a Camper come up but that was mine I just released. lol Today I got a houseboat, 2 Victorian's and a log cabin. Ended up keeping the log cabin. It sits next to a quiet river. Maybe I'm just lucky but I've never had an issue getting a house since the Victorian's were released. May take a few hours though and that is just randomly going back and checking, not even staying there and waiting.
  12. Is there a group that clubs post in if they need a last minute host? I host at a club now but my hours are a bit over the board and it would be nice to be a last minute fill in. I suppose that all clubs have different rules so this may not even be a thing. I did find a couple groups but it's mostly for adult dancing and not one off jobs.
  13. I'm not sure why we have to close a thread just because some don't agree or don't like what other's are saying. I haven't seen any attacks on members from other members.
  14. Really the term BFF wasn't literal. It could have been "buddy" "best bud" "friend". So there was no hidden meaning in using BFF, just and example. 🙂 Interesting how this thread has gone.
  15. OH, now I feel stupid. I thought it was a region in SL. I've never heard Pacific time being called that.
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