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  1. The legal age is the US for alcohol sales is 21. Since no one is actually buying alcohol for real life consumption I think you are good with 18+. In your profile you are pretty adamant about being 21+ so that actually might hinder you getting people to join.
  2. Ok…so now we get to go around asking to prove they have a license before we tip them? Please…I have better things to do with my time especially since I’m not going to be the one getting sued and neither are they…not one person is getting sued for streaming music in SL without a license. If you have an example of someone who did though I’d love to hear it.
  3. A better way would be for LL to come up with a system where if you have a high percentage of negative reviews you are banned from leaving reviews. One bad review from someone on a product doesn't warrant a ban but if you continue to leave bad reviews, especially on the same sellers MP store, well you should be smart enough to not buy from them again. Some sellers really do deserve a bad review but I never buy from them again. There is also the opportunity for the seller to respond to bad reviews as well. Also…leaving a review is sometimes the only way you get a response from some.
  4. Why does anyone have to blather on about licensing in this thread? As always the thread has turned into nothing about what the original post was about. If discussion needs to be said people need to go to the correct thread. No wonder no one can find anything on this forum. Why even bother putting a thread title in? LOL!
  5. Then the venue should pay you and they should pay their tier out of their own money.
  6. ^^^^THIS! I can't like this post enough. If you can't afford to pay for your venue or DJ "hobby" and yes, it's a hobby you should not be doing it. I factor in my premium membership and my tier in my monthly budget just as everyone else should.
  7. $L1000 for a DJ at a club? For a two hour set? You've got to be kidding. Even if that was divided between the host and club as well I'd never tip that much. I do not think comparing going to a club in SL to going to a pub in RL is even remotely comparable. If I go to a club I will tip the DJ/Host and/club $L100 each and that's if I stay for the whole set and If it's a regular club that I go to. If I stay longer than 2 hours I typically will tip the next DJ/Host $L100 but not the club again. I actually very rarely will tip a venue. I'm not here in SL to pay someone's tier or help them
  8. What system will you be using for the clinic?
  9. Well I tried it and it never worked right so I decided to dive into beYou and am having a blast with that. Met a lot of really nice people so far. Very helpful
  10. You had to be on at the time. That's ok. I get it that the mean girls have to have somewhere to vent their frustrations since they would probably get slapped in RL.
  11. UGH! I've done that. Also have deleted the invisible prim that was put in the entire house when I was new. Too much work to try and put it back so I just started over.
  12. This isn't a "Pet Peeve" thread. It's a "let's make a passive aggressive" comment" about another thread instead of just putting it IN that thread itself. We could just change the title to the "unofficial snark thread"
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