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  1. I believe that the reason why most people use tip jar is because they run a business with someone else, so the tip jar makes it fair to send a percentage to both of them at the same time. Even in some Photography studios where i used to work, clients are asked to pay the tip jar instead of sending direct money to the photographer so that the owners of the studio can get their percentage of the payment as well which is usually 10 to 20% As long as you're using your own skills to make the skins and you're not stealing it from somewhere else, you're 100% safe and can use any platform to
  2. Such a nice idea, i did not remove my avie's makeup for so long, whenever i change the look it's from a makeup look to another.. Thank you for the opportunity , it was fun =D ♥
  3. Youtube is just Youtube, does not matter what kind of content you're posting, instead of looking for other Youtubers to support you i suggest to create your own niche, share your Channel in SL with friends, in night clubs, join groups that allows posting contents (...) you can also use Reddit, Flickr & Facebook groups to share your latest videos, A lot of people in secondlife started using Instagram as well, so try it too by sharing stories of your videos(..) Also i'd love to watch your videos if you could share it with us ♥ Kind regards ♥
  4. Hello Pals, Today i decided to offer some free Photo shoot sessions for any Model who'd like to add some pictures to her/his portfolio. If you're not a Model but has a nice avatar i'd love to take pictures of you as well if you want some. P.S : i am willing to take free pictures for a LOT of people so don't be scared to hit me up ! Send me a private message in-world or here or comment bellow, i'll get back to you asap! Thank you ♥♥
  5. Hey!! You can find some great props at :::ChicChica::: , they have a Food & Drink section in store where you can find coffee, smoothies, ice creams, French fries ... The french fries looks so cute, i am currently using them ( i'll insert the picture bellow) Enjoy! ♥ https://snoobl.wordpress.com/2019/01/01/lotd131/
  6. Hello peeps ^.^ , i had to quit secondlife for a bit and i'm back again, i rented a 1/4 Homestead ( i don't like crowded places ) i only have 3 neighbors and they're far from my place, so the place is Private and safe, i'm currently decorating my house, i have 3 extra rooms and i don't log in often, i only use the place to change my clothes and take pictures for my fashion blog, i would love to share it with people who need somewhere to live in, it'd also be fun to be around other people & have fun from time to time . You don't have to pay for the rent as i'm taking care of it..
  7. Pow Curameyer

    Windows 8

    i'm using Windows 8 , and yes it works pretty well , and better than windows 7 !
  8. If you want to give rights to another person to Edit your land , Go to ' About land ' => Options => Edit Terrain ' Everyone ' .. Once you press everyone button he'll be able to edit your terrain , once he finish editing your land , make sure to turn it off so other people ain't touch your land , that's the only option if you don't want to deed your land to a Group Oh you can also ask the Owner to put your partner's name on Region & he'll have same rights as yours !
  9. Hello all , i am a professional Sl Photographer , I Do : Morph pictures & Normal pictures [ Couple & Single ] Logos , Flyers & Posters If you're interested , please contact me inworld Name Inworld : Pow Curameyer Some of my work : If you wanna see more or wanna see my logos , please contact me inworld .
  10. Hello Evgyrt , No you can't give it as a gift for a friend who don't have a CC , neither a friend who has CC . But you can set a group for your house , and make it private for people who has the group only , and give the rights to your friend and give him/her owner in the group .. so he/she can work at the house freely like it's her/his house . That is the only way , hope that helped you
  11. Hello CaligulaJay , Actually there's lot of ways to get L$ , you can join contests or go to Clubs and put your name on the board if you win you can get L$ and lot of oder ways But if you are not that kind of people who keep waiting untill they get L$ , you can use the other methode that i've been using lately because of my credit card , you can buy linden dollars by Phone , How to do that ? easy Just go In-world and type on the search tab ( Bank ) and go to Money bank .. You'll find lot of ways but i suggest Cash service , it's easy and fast , This is the website : cash-services.net But it
  12. Hello Lydiaunold , i had the same problem a while ago , but now it's better . First of all Go to the Advanced tab , and than go to Character => Character Test => Test Female/Male When you do that you'll look like a noob .. after you see your newbie avatar change your clothes and skin and shape as it used to be , and you'll see your lovely avatar once again Good luck , hope that helped you .
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