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  1. Hello peeps ^.^ , i had to quit secondlife for a bit and i'm back again, i rented a 1/4 Homestead ( i don't like crowded places ) i only have 3 neighbors and they're far from my place, so the place is Private and safe, i'm currently decorating my house, i have 3 extra rooms and i don't log in often, i only use the place to change my clothes and take pictures for my fashion blog, i would love to share it with people who need somewhere to live in, it'd also be fun to be around other people & have fun from time to time . You don't have to pay for the rent as i'm taking care of it.. you can invite your friends/boyfriends/girlfriends, over as well. i don't have any requirements, just send me an IM in world [ Pow Curameyer ] i will answer as soon as i login ! LETS HAVE FUN AND BE FRIENDS ♥ XOX
  2. Pow Curameyer

    Windows 8

    i'm using Windows 8 , and yes it works pretty well , and better than windows 7 !
  3. If you want to give rights to another person to Edit your land , Go to ' About land ' => Options => Edit Terrain ' Everyone ' .. Once you press everyone button he'll be able to edit your terrain , once he finish editing your land , make sure to turn it off so other people ain't touch your land , that's the only option if you don't want to deed your land to a Group Oh you can also ask the Owner to put your partner's name on Region & he'll have same rights as yours !
  4. Hello all , i am a professional Sl Photographer , I Do : Morph pictures & Normal pictures [ Couple & Single ] Logos , Flyers & Posters If you're interested , please contact me inworld Name Inworld : Pow Curameyer Some of my work : If you wanna see more or wanna see my logos , please contact me inworld .
  5. Hello Evgyrt , No you can't give it as a gift for a friend who don't have a CC , neither a friend who has CC . But you can set a group for your house , and make it private for people who has the group only , and give the rights to your friend and give him/her owner in the group .. so he/she can work at the house freely like it's her/his house . That is the only way , hope that helped you
  6. Hello CaligulaJay , Actually there's lot of ways to get L$ , you can join contests or go to Clubs and put your name on the board if you win you can get L$ and lot of oder ways But if you are not that kind of people who keep waiting untill they get L$ , you can use the other methode that i've been using lately because of my credit card , you can buy linden dollars by Phone , How to do that ? easy Just go In-world and type on the search tab ( Bank ) and go to Money bank .. You'll find lot of ways but i suggest Cash service , it's easy and fast , This is the website : cash-services.net But it ain't work if you copy it and past , unless if you're in-world at the bank . Hope that helped , Good luck
  7. Hello Lydiaunold , i had the same problem a while ago , but now it's better . First of all Go to the Advanced tab , and than go to Character => Character Test => Test Female/Male When you do that you'll look like a noob .. after you see your newbie avatar change your clothes and skin and shape as it used to be , and you'll see your lovely avatar once again Good luck , hope that helped you .
  8. Bonsoir , Moi aussi j'avais rencontré le méme probléme alors la solution que j'ai trouver est la suivante : 1. Le probléme peut être à cause de votre connection . 2. Tu peux essayer sur Phoenix , Advanced => Character => Character test => Female/male , celà marche 100% , aprés tu change tes habilles et voilà , mais si sa marche pas pour toi sa veut dire que c'est un problém de ta connection internet .
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