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  1. Thank you for your interest. I went ahead and sent you the application notecard. Just fill that out and send it back my way. Appreciate it!
  2. Seeking a blogger manager who is familiar with Blogotex. Looking for someone who is friendly and responsible. Responsibilities: Recruiting bloggers Approving/Rejecting Posts within 3 days Positive engagement with bloggers Feedback on blog posts These can all be handled through Blogotex from what I understand. Pay is 1500L per week. Notecard application can be picked up in world here: My store I appreciate your time, thank you. -Iso
  3. -edit- This position has been filled. Thank you for the inquires in world! -edit- Hello! I'm looking for a script that can texture one face of an object using a dialog box. The idea would be for the customer to be able to paste the UUID of their uploaded image into the dialog box and have that apply to the correct face on the product. I recently made a gift item that people can add their own textures to but a great deal of people contacted me saying they do not know how to select the face to apply the texture to the face in the build menu. (Object has a separate face for
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