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  1. Think unedited fan fiction in a situation where two or more characters are interacting. You do this with another, or others, in turns with reasonable time intervals between each post. Alternatively, stories talk about everything, while roleplay just skips to when person A is with person B and doing something. PS. You can do solo roleplay, but that really is just a story that tries to look like roleplay as it would when A and B are together. This sometimes happens when a character is part of a larger situation and needs some filler to justify progressing the main story. Not always a good idea to say you journeyed west and 'arrived' when everyone else it making an effort in pairs to fill in the overall story, be it for personal enjoyment or practical application.
  2. Not a lot of subs realize that dominating someone is more work then being submissive. Like, the actual difference when done properly is staggering. A proper sub really needs to focus on what they are giving back, because just doing what your told isn't worth anything, its just what is expected. Needs to be equivalent exchange, which this self advertisement does not imply or reflect. Not enough thinking on the subs half, which is unfortunately also the case with most submissives in SL.
  3. The old sims are very simple none the less and easy to load. Straight edges, flat surfaces and not a lot of both overall. So there is that since you either go in the direction of aesthetics or performance. You can't beat things performance wise when they are built out of cubes and spheres. Its just my impression. Custom mesh objects tend to take longer to build and load when they aren't based on standard shapes and vertices.
  4. Yah, its just really hard to find reliable information. The best things I've found are really just dumb luck. They are not sims that show up at the top of search results.
  5. I think the most successful clubs are ones that haven't updated their graphics and kept things simple. SL has been around awhile and it helps people load onto the sim when the graphics are as potato as the 15 year old+ potatoes that have to load them. Making things look new/ big looks nice, but there's a huge operating cost. Nobody is going to buy a new computer simply to get a better experience in SL. Kinda unfortunate because a fresh new look is likely what would help a new club open itself to new people, and what a lot of sim owners fall in the trap of doing. In reality, your looking for old, reliable, and stable sims.
  6. Oh well. That doesn't really help me build a new destinations guide though. I was hoping for something a bit more data oriented.
  7. Anyone know of a blog that reviews active roleplaying sims?
  8. For Sci-Fi (outside of the numerous Star Trek Spin offs that don't need the full sim) you have... Remnants of Earth Cocoon Starwars Legacies Midgard FF7 These are the non-fps ones in full launch, I know there were others very recently but they lack their own history for me to comment. Hard to comment on them being dead or not though, depends what you want and where/how you enter. The new player experience is like climbing mount Everest and that in itself is death. Its a result of them always being understaffed and never being ahead of the workload that the sims daily operations and advancements cause, and this is for all of them. This in addition to the 'volunteer' mentality of work when I want to work, that crops up additional errors in work consistency (A handful of core individuals getting stuck with projects they didn't start themselves and somehow need to finish despite their own work). As a result of over exertion/ extension, just like in government, there is a resulting decline in social programs when compared to what was before. There's just no time/manpower left to really push consistent content that's purpose is to connect various peoples together outside of their own, limited, efforts. Nor monitor the community for quality assurance, which keeps out trolls and individuals that become toxic after feeling isolated from the rest of the sim. If you want to experience these sims as not dead: 1. Realize that they are private sims and are they way they are by someone else's personal preference, you will not change minds and you shouldn't try. Think of it like free to play, the breadwinner actually drives the content cause its them that the sim needs to keep. The board has been set, fixed, and your there to play on it. Its another reason to find and use your own friends not connected to you through the sim. There are far less consequences to kicking your friends lazy asses to get on and ready with a little motivation, then there is doing so to a stranger. Its called emotional investment (look it up), you have it with your friends which lets you withdraw trust, something you don't have it with strangers. Do that to a stranger and they are just going to get pissed/ annoyed. Period. The only stranger that will trust you without basis, is the type that is not busy and therefore not actively making an effort to roleplay (such a person might be considered an unmotivated roleplayer and more then likely will not return the effort to start another roleplay that you are putting in now). 2. Don't rely on the sims for roleplaying opportunities. Its just as, if not more, worthwhile to leave the sim and meet some people elsewhere to join you in the experience. Its the idea of attracting others to your fun, vs joining in on someone else's fun by using your own self reliant network. The former is more reliable, and a better way to introduce yourself to the community. PS. I did not include apocalypse sims, as they seem modern with the twist of everyone being dead to me.
  9. One things I don't like about SL is the 'Destinations' tool. It is so derp. Save 'Newcomer Friendly' its really useless in my opinion. So I was hoping to start something here, a member built destinations guide. It may not be accurate, but would at least be far more useful then what is present. There are a lot of sims out there that are much larger and with higher activity then what is listed here, and that would be a big help for people who don't know where else to get this information. So please Link a sim, a category and what rank it should hold like this: ~~New Citizens Incorporated,Newcomer Friendly,1~~ ~~The Shelter,Newcomer Friendly,2~~ Like I said, I agree with the newcomer portion of it... Just not anything else. And its been like this for too long. Hopefully with enough replies, I can just dump the replies into a document and separate the data with the special characters ~~ and , which would leave me with something concrete to build upon at some far off time in the future. Anyone else could too if you know how to separate text in a string to column by targeting certain aspects. Knowledge empowers. So lets share what we know and make SL better for it. PS. Active map links listed at the bottom of your post would help, but most sims can be found by searching their name... So just watch your spelling.
  10. It is. Its the simple strategy of divide and conquer. What keeps people in SL is their emotional attachment to others. Memories, experiences, engagement, and other things like that. With SL's main attraction being the sell of land and having your own personal space, the number of connections made and the chances of doing so dwindle. As a result, the attractive force to draw in new individuals or keep the ones they have disappears. I'm sure SecondLife has realized this and is just coasting on its former success to milk from the system what it can. Any business only wants to make money in the end, a board of directors will only ever make business savvy decisions. If they want to experience humanity, they can do so when they go home with their families. Every corporate business is like this. That said though, its still a nice place even its decline.
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