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  1. Balls Removed (Often seen on furniture that uses poseballs when you click stop)
  2. Decided that the bookcases didn't really fit in with the rest of the furniture I have decorating my trailer. So I've removed those, and added more suitable items. I've also covered the roof of my trailer with a flat prim, then just added one of the Inside Wall textures. From the LH Textures Pack for Trailers.
  3. Interior decor changes Credits. Bookcases from the [Dysfunctionality] Library Set Various Potted Plants from Dust Bunny {what next} Cubby Armchair (natural) (Tinted) *AR* - Curtains - Shabby Princess (Tinted) * AR * - Bedroom Set - Preppy Wizardry (Children)
  4. I'd actually considered doing something like this, when I still had my Traditional home. But because of where I lived. I realised it probably wouldn't have worked Once I swapped to a trailer, it was a lot easier, as they're already situated in wilderness like areas
  5. Further landscaping changes. Credits. From Celtic Myst. DEEP FOREST Extra Tree group DEEP FOREST Hollow Tree with Squirrels DEEP FOREST Tree Log (standing) DEEP FOREST Tree Log (laying) DEEP FOREST Wild Branch From Mesh Plants. Hanging Flowers Wild Bushes Daisies + Daisies on rocks From [Dysfunctionality]. Dandesweet Grass Wildflower Patch Nanshe's Spring From JIAN. Carrot Patch Straight Ear Bunny (wanderer) Hedgehog (wanderer)
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