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  1. Looks like the inworld store has closed down. I just tried to TP there and its telling me no valid location. Must have been just recently, because I brought the Secretary Desk from there only a couple weeks ago.
  2. Did the first option, no change I'll wait till the unscheduled maint has finished, and if they're isn't any change I'll see if clearing browser cache works
  3. lol you posteda few seconds before I did 😛
  4. Just saw this on the Grid Status page. so maybe thats why I'm having issues atm https://secondlife-status.statuspage.io/incidents/hqm7tw4p5pwz
  5. Maybe? But it was working fine yesterday. I just tried again with a redelivery of a skin I got yesterday with no problems. except now its just giving me the same reject message 😕
  6. Update. Looks like the issue was fixed with the Unscheduled Marketplace Maintenence. Thank you to those who replied and offered advice
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