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  1. I have recently since the new build of Firestorm come across a bug that whenever you walk, tp or turn around your camera goes directly to the feet/ I have tried resetting the camera angle but nothing seems to help anyone have any idea what is going on?
  2. I want to auction off some land how do I go about it?
  3. ok great what is the coordinates I will jump there and pay you. I am known in SL as cherry Hill
  4. I have a 1028 hine abd the house I have for it hangs over on both sides. How do I go about resizering the house and its contents.
  5. I recently bought a piece of land with a nice house already on it but it overhanges the edges and I want to resize the house do I have to de3lete the house or can I resize it somehow...
  6. I recewntly bought a land on auction from Yorbes or something like that and everytime I try to rez a house on it I get the following message in my local chat all houses rez must be doen with Youbez authority. I thought when I bought the 1024 parcel it was mine to set up a skybox or home either one. What am I doing wrong?
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