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  1. Oh thanks! I didn't even know Firestorm had that option. Is there a way I can prevent that from happening, or is it just something I need to make sure I do every time I switch?
  2. So I recently picked up a mesh head to use for my furry avis (.:C:. Felis Bento Head v2.1 I believe) and it works perfectly. However, when I switch back to my non-furry avis that use a different head (GENUS Head - Strong Face GIFT001) I've noticed that somehow, it has distorted the Genus head in a way that kinda matches the mapping of the Felis head (see included photo). And these are on 2 different outfits, btw. I was wondering if there's a way to reset the Genus head back to it's normal sculpting, and if there's a way to prevent this from happening in the future when I want to switch back between furry and non-furry outfits again.
  3. Ok, so I finally figured out the issue: it's the RP HUD I use. Somehow, it got bugged during TP at some point. It took going through every last Item I use on a day-to-day basis, but I finally found the cause. Pretty sure I just need to get a new copy.
  4. I submitted a report a while ago, but going through my usual bug hunting procedure is difficult since I have yet to find a catalyst for the bug. I'm certain that it's not based on location, since I've been to multiple places and back by now. I've ruled out outfits/bodies thanks to this last occurrence (the two outfits didn't share any assets), and even in terms of connection strength/stability, I had things open in the background earlier, but this last one was on a fresh reboot of the system. idk what else I can test XD.
  5. Ok update: so it seems to be an teleportation bug. I TP'd using a body and outfit I found to be previously unaffected, and now it's reappeared on this one as well. I have also reset all of my viewer's settings to default and that did not help, so I'm pretty confident that this has to be a server-side bug EDIT: On logging back in, the system had automatically TP'd me to the Welcome Area with the "the area you requested is not available" error, even though I can just right back there. So I guess that confirms the bug to be on the servers.
  6. I'll go ahead and give both a shot when I get home from work later
  7. Actually it might not even be that? I just changed outfits to see if maybe there was some sort of wonky collision detection going on that may have caused it (I've never looked at how LL programs their stuff yet) an it actually works now. Oddly. I'm trying out more outfits and it looks like only a specific body I have is affected, which is making me even more confused than I was before lol
  8. I thought the same, but unplugging it didn't do anything, and no other software on my laptop is displaying anything that could be remotely linked to that kind of behavior, technically speaking.
  9. I use a USB mouse. ROG Gladius II Core
  10. So this bug randomly popped up as I randomly teleported to a new location and now it's persistent location to location. For some reason, whenever I make any sort of directional input, my avi will jerk either left or right every fraction of a second without stopping, so she's just kinda twitching and slowly moving in that direction non-stop. It also happens while flying, but she eventually stops until I make another directional input or land. It is also persistent between viewers, as I've tested it in both Black Dragon and Firestorm, so I think it's server-side. idk if there's a way I can fix this, but any advice is appreciated. Quick update: the bug doesn't affect sitting, it seems. Only flying and standing.
  11. It's happened with all the clothes I've tested it with thus far.
  12. So I bought the Maitreya Lara body yesterday and overall, I'm loving it so far. The only issue I have is that the breasts look like they've been stretched forward a LOT. They don't look as natural as I remember them being when I first bought it. I don't know if I accidentally messed with a setting and don't remember or if it's something with this specific body, but I'm wondering if there's a way I can reel them back in, so to speak? I've messed with the body options in "Edit my Body" (I'm using the Black Dragon viewer) but they still kinda poke forward no mater how I mess with things. I included a photo for reference. I maxed out the breast size and buoyancy just to really show the effect, but they have this shape no matter what size they are. Image is here because idk why it's not able to upload here: https://prnt.sc/17rvv9k
  13. Oh thank you! I'll go ahead and pick up a 7 day one right now, then.
  14. Hello! I'm currently looking into becoming a DJ in SL, but I was wondering if there's a place where I can test out the audio to make certain everything works before I start booking gigs. I do have a little DJ experience IRL, mostly with EDM and it's insane amount of subgenres (all of which I adore), and I already have my Serato DJ Pro software. I don't have my turntables since I had to leave them behind before a recent move, but idk if they're necessary for the small gigs I wanna do for the time being. I can still do seamless mixes without them. All I need now is a place to make sure everything I have currently works and is set up correctly so that I don't ROYALLY f*ck up a set.
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