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  1. I am definitely Heterosexual in SL, I do not find woman attrative in both SL and RL. I am lucky though cause I do not have to worry about my SL boyfriend being a girl in RL sinve he's also my RL boyfriend though if somehowI would end up single, I would definitely not be interested if the male in SL is a girl in RL since it would break the emotional connection for me.
  2. Actually my Boyfriend is furry while I am Kemonomimi or Kitsunemimi.
  3. Hello!! I am mostly a furry too even though I like being in my Kemonomimi sometimes. You can add me if you want! <3
  4. Awesome! I should be in world in an hour myself.
  5. I know that LAQ has removable ears as well. My friend uses their heads with elf ears from Mandala.
  6. Hello! I am back in Second Life after years of absence and need new friends and more furries out there. I don't care about gender and preferably 25+. Feel free to add me.
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