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  1. The Order is looking for host, Feel free to join our discord for more information.https://discord.gg/vZfMcTA7Xz
  2. Hello, Kasie, The company I work for has a few positions open that you might be interested in, Feel free to join our discord for more information.https://discord.gg/vZfMcTA7Xz
  3. I didn't see it, But thank you for bringing it to my attention, I will post on hers as well.
  4. Hello, Bay, The company I work for are looking to hire Real Estate agents, Feel free to join our discord for more information. https://discord.gg/vZfMcTA7Xz
  5. We are currently hiring Dj's, If you would like to fill out an application join our server and and we will help you along the way.https://discord.gg/vZfMcTA7Xz
  6. Feel free to join our discord, We have a few open positions that might be suitable for you at The Region, One is real estate. I am sure that you will find something that you are interested in doing there. https://discord.gg/vZfMcTA7Xz
  7. The REGION Starting in Early 2021, two men ventured off to create a sim that would appeal to the alternative, punk, subculture of people. With influences from multiple scenic sims, cyberpunk, and horror stylings the REGION was born. A region to stand out among all regions and built to be a community where people, all walks of life can be accepted and enjoy what Second Life has to offer. Since it's creation The REGION has grown to the multi-business destination it is today featuring: a Club/Lounge, Circus, Scenic Park (With Linden Fishing), Dressing Sandbox, Retail properties, Open Venue l
  8. Feel free to join our Discord servers if you have one https://discord.gg/vZfMcTA7Xz or https://discord.gg/vZfMcTA7Xz and you can come visit us now, We are at the club and i will happily show you around. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/The Region/159/217/24 My inworld name is Liddopandoria, Feel free to add me so we can talk more.
  9. I tried contacting you inworld but you may have been afk, Could you message me, Inworld name is Liddopandoria, For some reason I couldn't find your discord.
  10. I answered a couple of them but I need more than one job, I have way too much time on my hands.
  11. Anyone hiring that is not a club? Looking for something to do besides work in clubs and that actually pays their staff, Feel free to message me inworld @LiddoPandoria
  12. I'd be interested in modeling for you, Liddopandoria | Flickr that is my flickr, It's just a personal page nothing too great but it is what my avi looks like, Feel free to contact me inworld.
  13. I fixed it, I was wearing the non-bento body and i needed to be wearing the bento one but thank you for responding! I am a dumbass at times. lol
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