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  1. I fixed it, I was wearing the non-bento body and i needed to be wearing the bento one but thank you for responding! I am a dumbass at times. lol
  2. I am having issues attaching claws or rings to my belleza body, The claws on my feet look fine but claws on my hands are in the air, This happens when i try and attach a collection of rings as well, Not sure how to fix it, Tried attaching to ring finger and get the same thing, Thank you in advance for the help. https://gyazo.com/f667a66c6c670a7389f062e8c4ef6f5c
  3. Woot got the scales off now just got to get the skins to match, Found my maitreya skin applier which solved that problem, Thank you guys, Is there anything i can buy to make things easier?
  4. omg this is a pain, Should i just buy another body? I have no idea why i have scales now...
  5. I dont have catwa, But i maybe using the wrong appliers but none came with it, I will buy something else and try cause now i have scales. lol
  6. Any suggestion on which to buy? Dont want to buy the wrong one one.
  7. I never had a omega relay, Guess i should buy one?
  8. Cleared all layers,,And it said it was compatable but now i cant even apply my other skins, Sorry about the nakedness. lol the snapshot wont load here.
  9. LiddoPandoria


    So i bought a skin demo, Liked it so got the full version, Now here's the problem, I can't get the demo off, I tried to wear the new skin did't work. This happens to me a lot to the point that i won't bother changing my avi. I have a Maitreya body and a laq head.
  10. Help wanted at Sugar Daddy's Old School Cafe. Great fun income for motivated people. 12 shift managers, sales people Managers, Promoters, Sales People, Hostesses DJ's and Dancers are needed for growing business and popular dance club. Strictly commission (No free pay check for showing up) We provide the land, buildings, furnishings, technology and support. You provide assistance bringing in people and having fun. You will make 75% of the revenue you create in your tip jar and so will your assistants!! If you are in retail you will make 20% of the revenue from the products you sell! Co
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