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  1. Feel free to join our discord and put in an application or contact me directly. https://discord.gg/vZfMcTA7Xz
  2. Hello! We are hiring DJ's, If you would like to put in an application you can do so on our discord. https://discord.gg/vZfMcTA7Xz
  3. The Order is looking for host, Feel free to join our discord for more information.https://discord.gg/vZfMcTA7Xz
  4. Hello, Kasie, The company I work for has a few positions open that you might be interested in, Feel free to join our discord for more information.https://discord.gg/vZfMcTA7Xz
  5. I didn't see it, But thank you for bringing it to my attention, I will post on hers as well.
  6. Hello, Bay, The company I work for are looking to hire Real Estate agents, Feel free to join our discord for more information. https://discord.gg/vZfMcTA7Xz
  7. We are currently hiring Dj's, If you would like to fill out an application join our server and and we will help you along the way.https://discord.gg/vZfMcTA7Xz
  8. Feel free to join our discord, We have a few open positions that might be suitable for you at The Region, One is real estate. I am sure that you will find something that you are interested in doing there. https://discord.gg/vZfMcTA7Xz
  9. The REGION Starting in Early 2021, two men ventured off to create a sim that would appeal to the alternative, punk, subculture of people. With influences from multiple scenic sims, cyberpunk, and horror stylings the REGION was born. A region to stand out among all regions and built to be a community where people, all walks of life can be accepted and enjoy what Second Life has to offer. Since it's creation The REGION has grown to the multi-business destination it is today featuring: a Club/Lounge, Circus, Scenic Park (With Linden Fishing), Dressing Sandbox, Retail properties, Open Venue locations, Shopping Plaza, Arcade, Movie/Drive-in Theater, Cafe, Pizza Bakery, Dockyard and much more! All of these locations to be enjoyed by the guest who are looking for something to sooth their dark soul. With in the year, we hope to have many events including: music festivals, live concerts, DJ events, Merchandise, Clothing/Furniture shops, and more! Though these things won't be possible with out your help and support of the community. Which is why we're hiring YOU! The CAREER We're hiring for a couple management positions such as Event Manager, Marketing/Advertisement Manager, Chief of Information. Experience where preferred is not necessary. We are capable of training for any of the responsibilities. We do 1 week of training for every position to ensure position is done is how we intend. Minimum starting wage for Management is 3k a month and can be as much as 6k a month, depending on productivity, experiences, and ability. First week of management training is unpaid and payments are at the end of the month. We are now hiring Real Estate Agents with an extra 10% commission on first sale of every house. We are also now hiring DJs and Live Performers. First 2 weeks of performances are tip based to ensure customer growth and activity. Only Performers with a large following and experience will be hired. Performances are open for tips so long as no one else is performing. We will work with you on scheduling and salary depending on prerequisites met. We encourage anyone to apply for the position who would be passionate about the REGION projects. Must be an active individual and will undergo a week training process without payment to ensure activity and passion for the group. We're a new group looking to create a meaningful brand. Focus in one of the many areas of the community that REGION offers is a great start if management seems a little much to handle right off the bat. We're willing to hire for smaller positions and provide promotions that may lead to better pay, benefits, positions. Promotion through the company is available for all positions with your growth, our growth and your fantastic working performance. We have amazing benefits such as: 50% off housing, free VIP memberships (As seen on our website), 2 week Vacations, and more! The REQUIREMENTS DISCORD Social Media for your SL account Passion English only Our success means your success! You can visit the Region Sim here: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/The Region/105/148/24 Join our Discord Server to apply: https://discord.gg/cuAdpy93kA Website: https://theregionsl.com Contact by IM is preferred but notecards are autoaccepted Comment Questions/Concerns, we're here to help!
  10. Feel free to join our Discord servers if you have one https://discord.gg/vZfMcTA7Xz or https://discord.gg/vZfMcTA7Xz and you can come visit us now, We are at the club and i will happily show you around. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/The Region/159/217/24 My inworld name is Liddopandoria, Feel free to add me so we can talk more.
  11. I tried contacting you inworld but you may have been afk, Could you message me, Inworld name is Liddopandoria, For some reason I couldn't find your discord.
  12. I answered a couple of them but I need more than one job, I have way too much time on my hands.
  13. Anyone hiring that is not a club? Looking for something to do besides work in clubs and that actually pays their staff, Feel free to message me inworld @LiddoPandoria
  14. I'd be interested in modeling for you, Liddopandoria | Flickr that is my flickr, It's just a personal page nothing too great but it is what my avi looks like, Feel free to contact me inworld.
  15. I fixed it, I was wearing the non-bento body and i needed to be wearing the bento one but thank you for responding! I am a dumbass at times. lol
  16. I am having issues attaching claws or rings to my belleza body, The claws on my feet look fine but claws on my hands are in the air, This happens when i try and attach a collection of rings as well, Not sure how to fix it, Tried attaching to ring finger and get the same thing, Thank you in advance for the help. https://gyazo.com/f667a66c6c670a7389f062e8c4ef6f5c
  17. Woot got the scales off now just got to get the skins to match, Found my maitreya skin applier which solved that problem, Thank you guys, Is there anything i can buy to make things easier?
  18. omg this is a pain, Should i just buy another body? I have no idea why i have scales now...
  19. I dont have catwa, But i maybe using the wrong appliers but none came with it, I will buy something else and try cause now i have scales. lol
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