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  1. I was exporting as standard DAE file, after exporting to the avastar export, all my problems were fixed. Figures it would be something as simple as that.
  2. Proof that nothings wrong with the model. works fine in unity and mixamo. Just don't know the formula for SL
  3. avastar. Cause its named after me. This is the outcome of trying to follow this (https://www.youtube(((DOT)))com/watch?v=0Mh7Yxbbp_4) and this (https://www.youtube(((DOT)))com/watch?v=enjFJcn45wY) Also that and I normally either get the error "Material of Model is not a subset of reference material" or "heat weighting: failed to find solution for one or more bones" Mind you this is a Maya FBX export and I had done the fixes in this thead (https://community.secondlife(((DOT)))com/forums/topic/420730-from-maya-to-blender/?tab=comments#comment-1737756) (Not sure if theres
  4. I'll make this quick so you don't have to read all day. Got a custom avatar, it contains many different meshes. When trying to rig with "original collision bones" (http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Mesh/Rigging_Fitted_Mesh) the model doesn't work at all. I've tried overlapping a default model ontop of mine and rigging off of it, just ends up becoming a hot mess, even after fixing the weight, and uploading it, the model is just broken sideways and deformed, besides it not looking like that in any render of blender. So what do I do. I've tried looking everywhere. all I can find on t
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