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  1. Suppose you marry a widow who already has a grown daughter, and your father marries the widow's grown up daughter. Now, the widow's daughter becomes your mother. Since, your mother's mother is your wife, your wife is also your grandmother. As the husband of your own grandmother, you become your own grandpa.
  2. I thought I would imitate Seicher's bathtub picture, because we all know that imitation is the best form of flattery! *grins* So, here's my bathtub picture.
  3. LOL, this is me too, I think the last time I counted I had over 1000 hairs
  4. Thanks Sylvia. And I do like it very much! Thanks for releasing it! lol
  5. Hi, I just got a Vic but there is red writing on the land, who do I contact to have it removed? Thanks!
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