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  1. Thank you, Norajulian. I looked at Dolce Cleo and found the outfit below. The rear profile seems to be somewhat similar, with the horizontal line and the overall shape. That particular suit doesn't seem to come in any other colors other than pinstripe navy, but I think I'll try it out in-world if I can; it looks quite nice. In the original image, the skirt seems to be longer, although they are both relatively short. We can also notice the zip detail, suggesting the skirt is separate. The jacket also seems to go into the skirt, unlike the one I found, where the jacket hangs freely. The suit I found seems similar enough, that I think it's only now a matter of finding the full-perm fitmesh suit that it was originally derived from, or looking for other derivatives of the same original suit. I thank you once again for your help. - Lotta Sinclair
  2. Does anybody recognize the grey suit worn by the female avatar in this picture? Or the hair she has? I know the heels; the Cassie Pumps from Gos Boutique - I own the pair. If anybody can help out, I would be most appreciative, thank you. - Lotta Sinclair
  3. That outfit looks absolutely AMAZING! I looked at your blog post and followed the links but the in-world stores were inaccessible. I couldn't find the outfit in the marketplace either. Not even the gloves. Could you please point out where I can find this? Oh, and tell me there are more like this one and that it comes in multiple colours!
  4. Hello again, angeoco! Yes, a shirt applier sounds great! Are there many shirt appliers compatible with my mesh body though? Yours looks really good! What shirt applier are you wearing? Is it compatible with my mesh body? Thank you so much for informing me of all these things; I'm learning a lot from everybody's suggestions and you've helped me out immensely... I purchased the shirt and skirt you suggested and it works quite well! Although not perfect, I'm rather happy with it and I wear them quite a bit. p.s. Your avatar looks really pretty!
  5. Hi, Sylvannas... I actually have that one already; it comes in different colours by different creators, so there's plenty of options. ... I've mostly purchased dresses and the odd pencil skirt-shirt combo which happened to work, but I'm looking for a suit. I'm not THAT new to SL, but I'm still learning; I have never considered the difference between fitted and rigged mesh items, thank you! P.S. What is that hairstyle in that picture? It looks lovely!
  6. Hello! After joining SL not too long ago, I quickly found out with some suits that I purchased that clothing layers can't be worn with mesh bodies alongside mesh clothing, so the shirt that comes with the suits won't appear. ... Are there any basic mesh suits that come with a shirt or some kind of top? I'm using the Maitreya Lara body. I'm looking for something simple and fitted like the ones in the picture that don't have puffs or frills or anything like that. Preferably I'd like one that doesn't come with a waistcoat or a tie. Scarves are fine though... and I'm looking for skirt suits. Thank you...
  7. Hello, I was looking for CATWA skin appliers and I found this: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Enfer-Sombre-Catwa-Applier-Mocha-Rebecca-Skin/12785450 and I thought the hair in the picture looked absolutely amazing! Does anybody know exactly what it is, or any other hair that look like this? Ever since I joined I've been looking for this sort of clean vintage waves and I can hardly find any. I especially love those Veronica Lake-esque waves like in that picture. I'm on the constant lookout for quality vintage hairstyles if anybody could help me out.
  8. I haven't actually heard of almost any of these stores! I'll be sure to check them out sometime...
  9. Oh, yes... I never specified! I'm using the Maitreya Lara body. But quite a few standard size/mesh rigged items do work as well. And I am also on the watch for items that include a jacket... and on the lookout for a suit that includes a shirt in the outfit (I have a problem that the shirt layer doesn't appear with suits that incorporate a simple shirt but that's an issue for another post) It's mostly the shirt and the skirt by themselves that I'm looking for.
  10. Oh, wow! That's the same skirt I incidentally had a glance at earlier today... ... In that spirit then, I would say that I prefer skirts with which the accompanying belt should fit right on the waistband instead of slightly beneath it... But the shirt in that picture totally hides the belt!
  11. Thanks, Fionalein. That's pretty straightforward, I guess. ... Would you know of any outfits like that? Perhaps even a sweater and a skirt if not a shirt... I've seen a few camisole and skirt combos before... I'm only looking for pencil skirts; I'm sure there's a few. And you have been helpful!
  12. Thank you, angeoco... I actually had a look at that particular shirt a few days after joining; it is very nice and basically had most of the features I was looking for, but I tried strictly to find a way to have a genuine slim tucked shirt that fits under the waistband... I've never really been a fan of that billowing, blousy muffin-top look at the hem. As for the one-piece outfits that looks like a matched shirt and skirt, that was something I immediately found on my initial search and it works quite well, not to mention that there are many different creators of a particular item; https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Meli-Imako-Full-Perm-Mesh-PinUp-Girl-Pencil-Skirt-Dress/8371774 offering the same outfit in many different colours and textures which I've also purchased. However, it didn't have buttons and perhaps a fastened collar like the look I was thinking of and it was high-waisted, something I had tried to avoid. Those particular rolled sleeves didn't seem appropriate for some situations either. I am wondering if there are any more of those one-piece shirt-and-skirt outfits that I could try out from other creators but with a different mesh altogether. Oh, by the way... that herringbone skirt in the photo looks nice! Might you know who makes that item? ... Sorry if I sound too picky; I'm genuinely interested in what the options are.
  13. Hey there, everybody! I've been on SL for a short time now and I've bought many, many items already but I almost exclusively stick to dresses because I can't find any shirts that fit with the typical skirts you can find when doing a routine search on the marketplace. Specifically I'm looking to start by pairing a basic, smart looking shirt/blouse with a pencil skirt, one of the typical ones offered by few of the creators you can find on the marketplace. I'm looking for simple, fitted high quality shirts for women that feature buttons at the front, are designed to be worn tucked, aren't cropped, oversize (like those 'boyfriend' shirts), wrinkly, too casual or too sexy and without too many embellishments like bows, scarves, ties etc. which I can successfully pair with any of the popular pencil skirts. The shirt should be relatively long-sleeved (not sleeveless, shoulder-less or backless) and cover my midriff entirely so you can't see my belly button, preferably should have all the buttons done up and preferably shouldn't be high-waisted (such that it should be paired with a high-waisted skirt or pants) A quick search on the marketplace in the women's shirt category comes up with a lot of items like these: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/PPD-Take-Me-Home-PastelsC/8987449 (oversize, wrinkled) https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/ISON-yso-tied-shirt-white/12472367 (cropped, tied) https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/ISON-cropped-button-up-white/9411585 (cropped, short) when really I'm looking for something like the ones in the images I uploaded... (I know the skirts in the pictures https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Full-Perm-Rigged-Mesh-Pencil-Skirt-V2/4034245 and https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Mesh-Rigged-Pencil-Skirts-Set-of-Slim-and-Wide-waist-skirts/3222202 is for sale but I can't find the shirts) ... The pencil skirts which I'm looking to pair are; https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/TETRA-Pencil-Skirt-Black/10674400 and https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Just-BECAUSE-Tori-Pencil-Skirt-FatPack-MaitreyaBellezaSlink/11067531... they're really neat and if I can fit them correctly I'll happily purchase a Fatpack, much like I would if I can find some shirts that fit. I've tried demos of different shirts and paired them with demos of different skirts but nothing seems to fit thus far; they either expose the belly or clip through... is there a rule of thumb when pairing tops with bottoms so that they appear neat and seamless? This is my first forum post, so thanks everyone.
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