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  1. Hey there, i think you could use the software audacity and enable "stereomix" on sound settings if avaible to record sounds from all your computer. so you could mute all other sounds and then record the voices of the interview like that.
  2. Nevermind, i found a solution using an other software called "voicemetter" to fix my microphone not working on rocket broadcaster. All good !
  3. Hello everyone, i hope you're all doing well, and i also hope i'm posting in the right section. One of the fun activity that i enjoy in SL is Karaoke ! i suck badly at but i still love it. i don't own any external mixing or professional microphone but the integrated microphone of my laptop does a good job. So recently i've been going to Karaoke lounges to sing, those places offers you the ability to stream through the parcel stream for free when you sing and for that i've been using that software called "Rocket Broadcaster", now the cool thing about rocket broadcaster is that it ca
  4. Thanks for your Reply. i didn't read the book yet atually, it's just my older sister that told me about it, and i found the topic quite interesting, i have the feeling it's a master piece tool to help a relaitonship well being. to understand what Love language your partner "speaks". i think i'm going to read it as well.
  5. Personally i'd pick Physical touch. a hug or a kiss, that's absolutely AWESOME to me, be it in SL or RL really. makes me feel Super Sonic !
  6. Hello Everyone ! So according to this interesting book called "The Five Love Languages", peoples have 5 ways to express Love in relationships: receiving gifts, Quality Time , words of affirmation, acts of service (devotion), and Physical touch. And from what i've understand even though we may appreciate more than one or all of them, people usually have a Language that they like more than the others. What's yours ? which language do you use most to express love and which one do you like to receive the most ? ( :
  7. Don't quit, we're all so fun in SL. and SL is the only place were you can have mesh abs whitout going to the gym.
  8. Oh yeah, let's talk about yummy food now. Hunger trigger level 400% ========>
  9. Are ESFJs welcome ? i love potatoes by the way, especially when they're turn in to this ==========>
  10. "Guilty !" Sorry. Just wanted to know how it feels to be a judge. i hope you'll find the role players you need comrade.
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