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  1. Well, I don't make a whole bunch of money so preferably from between 200-500. Mainly looking for something wide open with lots of prim space.
  2. I've never actually worked anywhere before (Dancing on a pole? I guess?) So I figure its time for a job! I'm looking for a place that will have a decent enough hourly/weekly pay, And maybe something I can do to get a little extra on the side! (Escorting, Etc.) I currently own a few Furry avatars and a human avatar, Am willing to discuss certain jobs! Please feel free to contact me in world at - PrincessPupp /or/ Ƈoconut
  3. Hello! I'm currently looking into getting my own home (Skybox) In secondlife, Something along the more expensive side, And am looking for A/some Roomate(s) to help split the cost of living there! I do dancing for a living on SL at a club, And It doesn't pay well enough to support myself each week If anyone would be willing to live with me, Please PLEASE feel free to contact me about it! I'm on almost every day between 9amSLT-10pmSLT. PrincessPupp /Or/ Ƈoconut
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