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  1. Okay that sounds nice. do you have a link to the sim?
  2. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Union Passage/242/245/3
  3. Yes. Something a little more sci-fi but not steampunk. It need something a little smaller. It have a height limit of 15 meters. The reason for the height limit is because there's a lot of boaters in that particular area and I cannot have my house breaching the surface of the water for the homestead code in the area. I'll send a link to the area in question
  4. Hello again. Okay so I recently found a place that I would like to live underwater. but I need an underwater house that is perfect for a SCUBA diver. The land specifies that I cannot exceed 15 meters. I can only have up to 275 prims but otherwise I have plenty of space. Plus the base cannot have a surface connector. it has to be exclusively underwater.
  5. That'll work perfectly! Thanks
  6. And yeah that is absolutely true. there are so many of them out there that it is difficult to figure out which ones are scripted and which ones are purely cosmetic. I am not going to combat however, I am looking for one that is scripted for a role-play aspect.
  7. Hello you filthy animals! Okay so I have a question. I am looking for a katana with either an AO or HUD that allows for fighting and is functional. At a reasonable quality. It's for a Role Play
  8. Hello there. Okay I am forming a group dedicated to scuba for furries and regular human divers. I have a friend who has a bento avatar and she can't find a wetsuit for bento avatars Is there anyone who can make a wet suit in various colors? Rock Marcus
  9. What’s your preferred underwater locations?
  10. I am Rock Marcus in game. I am an anthro vulpes fox who enjoys scuba diving in SL. I have a couple people on my roster who I play alongside and I am looking for mermaids and scuba divers for a role-play. setup: Rock Marcus is the offspring of two sentient fox parents from a Soviet Union domestication and breeding project. Born 6 years after the fall of the USSR in 1989, his family moved to the States. Rock Marcus would later become a mercenary traveling around the globe and help various mermaid tribes but after falling in love with a beautiful anthro named Blue, and getting a new dog
  11. RockMarcus at your service! I am an athro fox
  12. I am looking for a group that is dedicated to furries and diving underwater.
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