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  1. Thank you Jet. Yes, having owned several sims prior to this crisis we all find ourselves involved with, I would prefer a sim myself. My friends are now looking into their options as I have given them several threads to read about renting. I appreciate your imput and information. Thanks you, Alaintha
  2. Yes, very true. It is hard to believe though that LL runs on that basis. I find it only fair to share the knowlege of the practices that Land Owner uses so other SL clients aren't taken in... It gives SL a bad name to say the least. I did suggest they move and research the Property Owner before paying rent in the future and offered our home in the meantime while they search. Thanks again all for your opinions knowledge and experience with this issue! HUGS! Alaintha
  3. Thank you. I do understand skyboxes. The issue with this parcel is as follows: The parcel was rented, rent paid, the renters moved in at ground level with their house, patio, landscaping, ponds, some fish, a few butterflies and static animals for decoration and everything was within their prim allowance. Within weeks, the land owner informed the tenant they had to remove the fish in the ponds and the animated butterflies as they were causing "Collsions" with the tier boxes that were above the parcel. The tenants were concerned about why they were experiencing such an amount of lag, when they checked the scripts that were on their parcel but came to find out that these 800+ tier boxes were overhead. I went to help my friend and found that there are indeed a platform of tier boxes at around 784m above the parcel area. They would like to know, is this within the TOS of LL rentals? Since having paid rent and expecting their "Home" to be relatively low lag so they could play their card games on the patio... yet finding out not only can they not play their games but need to remove the fish and butterlies as told to them by the Land Owner, they became upset and began searching for information about what they are entitled to when paying rent for the entire parcel. That is where I began checking myself as I've never come across anything like this. I read the covenant for the parcel, nothing appeared strange, it read like many land parcels I have rented in my past. I've been trying to find a page about the LL TOS and have come across so many pages about "Managing Your Parcel" but none pertaining to the renter and about a land owner putting a platform in with so many tier boxes... All I could say was wow.. WOW! SO my question remains, is this practice normal for a land owner? IS it fair to the renter? Wanting to put down a home, landscape it and set up a few games to play with friends seems fairly average to me for those who enjoy SL and friends coming over for a game or two... Or is it I am wrong about being the only person/couple that can put objects on and/or near the parcel to cause such lag or this "Collision".. I thank you for your responses.. all of you! Yet, I am still wondering if this is legal for the land owner to do this to a renter? Thank you ♥ Alaintha
  4. Hello, When a person pays rent for a parcel, regardless of the size..... That said "renter" has rental rights for the entire parcel, correct? From ground lvele up to 4000m they can install, build, landscape whatever they want and the entire space is theirs due to their rental payment. Is this correct? I am of the understanding that once rent is paid, the owner may keep a few prims on your land for the tier box or for their control of the parcel, which is undertandable. When a land owner, rents a parcel to a SL resident, and then places 800 Tier Boxes above their parcel... is this within the land owners right? Who can I contact and where are the land rules for renters in Sl please? Thank you for the information.. Alaintha
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