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  1. I completely removed everything from our land and with the house, platform for work and a few landscape items the Script usage is a little over 3k now to slowly add things and find out what item is giving me the trouble. Thank you all for your help! Alaintha
  2. I neglected to look at that portion and called my son to check the connection. Any test he did pulled a less than 64ms response. Apparently the connection is with the SL server now. The house here is hard wired, but the "tier" in the US is less than than the broadband in Europe. Unless I acquire a T-1 line or fiber optics for this area, I am not going to get the connectivity I need for SL. I appreciate ALL the recomendations and ideas for the solution. Contacting CHarter or Spectrum for ISP help isn't going to get me anywhere. THANK YOUI all for the help! ♥♥♥
  3. I certainly will after reading these ideas and suggestions. With everything removed but a few items.... 20468 is coming from somewhere Thank you for the idea Fritigern!
  4. Thank you Nika, I agree that it is high for what is out at the moment. Having been to some of the FS Classes to understand lag of different sorts, I do not know why it is taking so long to rez things in. Either on my PC or my friends, my partner on his machine either... it seems strange. Unless I am taking pictures of something, my PC runs at a low setting, low DD and LOD low as well. In busy areas, yes, the setting is switched to "Friends Only" too... I'm at a loss. Thank you again for taking the time to offer your suggestions and ideas! ♥
  5. I've gone over the list of all items on the parcel, I only know of 1 that is highly scripted, but it certainly isn't causing the usage listed. I'm at a loss of what else to do, except to strip the parcel again and start over, noting each item. Thank you again Morena!
  6. Thank you Morena. The parcel script usage is Script usage is at 20468. This seems to me to be very high after removing everything. So few things on the parcel at this time. I appreciate you answering though!
  7. The parcel I live on has been running ragged for the past several weeks. I'm not sure why, but I started tracking Script memory and active scripts as well as changes to the parcel. I have not found the information needed for the "normal" statistics for a parcel. I do not know what is an acceptable rate and now asking " What is an acceptable reading for a parcel, where there isn't much Lag or Script memory usage?" I decided to revamp the parcel since it's near Halloween and redecorate. I know enough, to remove scripts from landscape items, scripts and boxes from items rezzed and set up. I'
  8. Once I contacted Linden Labs about the region being offline, it was a few hours and it was fixed. Being that our landlord is hard to contact at times, LL stated to contact them first with offline issues. I hope you find resolution soon!
  9. Support fixed the issue. The Region was Offline and they weren't notified. Thank the goddess and we're back up and running ♥
  10. Thank you. Yes, I've sent notecards to Olin about the issue, no answer to date. Still waiting for any kind of answer.
  11. Is anyone else having issues with their rental, not being able to teleport home due to an error message stating : " This teleport failed. Unable to find teleport destination. Destination may be currently unavailable or does not exist. Please try again later. " We have been receiving this message for several days now. When looking at the map for the region, it is listed as Offline.. Does this have something to do with the Cloud migration? I've opened a ticket but with the flood of users opening tickets, goddess knows someone will be assigned my ticket or get an answer. Thank you for any
  12. Thank you Jet. Yes, having owned several sims prior to this crisis we all find ourselves involved with, I would prefer a sim myself. My friends are now looking into their options as I have given them several threads to read about renting. I appreciate your imput and information. Thanks you, Alaintha
  13. Yes, very true. It is hard to believe though that LL runs on that basis. I find it only fair to share the knowlege of the practices that Land Owner uses so other SL clients aren't taken in... It gives SL a bad name to say the least. I did suggest they move and research the Property Owner before paying rent in the future and offered our home in the meantime while they search. Thanks again all for your opinions knowledge and experience with this issue! HUGS! Alaintha
  14. Thank you. I do understand skyboxes. The issue with this parcel is as follows: The parcel was rented, rent paid, the renters moved in at ground level with their house, patio, landscaping, ponds, some fish, a few butterflies and static animals for decoration and everything was within their prim allowance. Within weeks, the land owner informed the tenant they had to remove the fish in the ponds and the animated butterflies as they were causing "Collsions" with the tier boxes that were above the parcel. The tenants were concerned about why they were experiencing such an amount of lag, whe
  15. Hello, When a person pays rent for a parcel, regardless of the size..... That said "renter" has rental rights for the entire parcel, correct? From ground lvele up to 4000m they can install, build, landscape whatever they want and the entire space is theirs due to their rental payment. Is this correct? I am of the understanding that once rent is paid, the owner may keep a few prims on your land for the tier box or for their control of the parcel, which is undertandable. When a land owner, rents a parcel to a SL resident, and then places 800 Tier Boxes above their parcel... is this wi
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