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  1. VirginaBrookes

    What is Pardise...

    Um, yes lol
  2. VirginaBrookes

    Is This Summer's Sales Slump Worse Than Usual?

    I've noticed a slow down too in my business this last month, let's hope it's just end of summer vacations, and people will be back.
  3. VirginaBrookes

    How does one find a parcel owner?

    I need to and no one knows, it's a mystery lol Does anyone know how to find this?
  4. VirginaBrookes

    Spring. Finally.

  5. VirginaBrookes

    Oh to be a bride again...

    Enjoying a lean on my tree, thinking about when I married my loving husband of 2 years....:)
  6. VirginaBrookes

    Snowmen get cold too? ;)

  7. VirginaBrookes

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

    It was almost like being there
  8. VirginaBrookes

    My newest creation

    Thank you!