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  1. I've noticed a slow down too in my business this last month, let's hope it's just end of summer vacations, and people will be back.
  2. I need to and no one knows, it's a mystery lol Does anyone know how to find this?
  3. Enjoying a lean on my tree, thinking about when I married my loving husband of 2 years....:)
  4. Soooo....after much thought and some frustration with my first business (this is normal I think, even with real life businesses) I realize I need to be blogging, no speak of that is allowed on here. I'm super new to all of this, so if someone could tell me how to blog, I'd appreciate it Thanks SL Community
  5. Thank you you gave me the answer i needed, I'm new at his community thing this is only for more vanity things and stuff people are doing, I got you now, I was mistaken when i signed up. My apologies, I'm an honest person and have been trying to do a business on here, someone said it was a good place for it (haha ;P ) but then got befuddled by what the comments were and such...so thank you! no more if that on here..I was told this was a place for business, when i should be blogging yes? only about me and mine from now on....all makes sense now
  6. I don't seem to have control of where it goes, I tried to put my stuff in destinations at first, but my photos have ended up in several areas I never intended.
  7. I thought it was in Destinations or What are you doing today? actually lol, but it seems to change on me sometimes ;P
  8. Hahaha no we were quite alone and so were they I'm sure
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