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  1. opening up to him isnt the best idea for me, i doubt he would understand that i enjoy playing sl as my leisure time. he practically sees it as a waste of time. wich i understand his view. but im sceptical to tell him and he'll know how i feel. i chose not to tell him to avoid fights with him. and why im here i like to socialise in sl becos in rl im a little shy person so being here is my only way to express myself. he may or may not understand but im fine to let him find out later. im prepared to give him the truth. but for now i come online in moderation to play, make friend and be social. un
  2. im going to demand my weekly allowance from now on if he had enough money leftover and if we werent so tight with money im pretty sure he'd allow me to have some money too. its just due to financial difficulties we have right now. as soon as he earns income all the money goes straight into the bills and we have nothing left over
  3. im actually happy with my husband, he is the one who likes to take charge of all the financial decisions and expenses. and i like doing the housework, looking after my kid. it just is different in every relationship, and depends how you work together as a couple and what works best for both of you. im not in an abusive relationship im actually well taken care of. but also there are some culture differences wich could possibly affect eachother, being married to an indian guy they have a culture of seperating fixed jobs assigned to the men and women typically dont work so their jobs are domesti
  4. Thats exactly right. My husband is the only one earning money. Plus i keep sl a secret because i know very well that my husband hates games like these and to even spend real money on a game he would think its a waste of money. I would very much LOVE to spend my own money if i could but unfortunately i dont work.
  5. good news i paid him already what i owe. enough is enough. i don't owe anymore and i have learned my lesson because of being reminded i don't want to be experiencing this. please lets try to close this thread. i thank you all for hammering me with your honest and wide opinions but i feel like i really cant move on hearing anymore and getting judged on based on my error alone. i hope we can close this thread..thankyou i appreciate it.
  6. Um...I’d say I was both, in the start I was frightened of him. then after realising what I did I was being petty at the end. Well thanks for the advice anyway. I live and I learn. Really don’t feel like u wasted ur time. At least my post can teach other stupid girls like me a lesson.
  7. I was being petty people. It’s not my intention to offend you all. I have my own reasons why I’m fighting over just 80 cents or whatever it costs in rl. Yeah that’s not much if you can pay with ur credit card but Like some of us we can’t spend rl money in a game. I’m not allowed to do that. In sl that is my only way of making money. Asking from my friend this happened maybe only two times. I don’t do that often. Begging? Alright I did beg. I admit it. I’m a hypocrite but I’m honest about it Don’t take it seriously what I just said cos this is A game for me. Whatever I do here this is not who I
  8. Well I think there’s some good traits that black people have. black people are cool, theyre funny, charming and charismatic. It’s just how you look at yourself. Be black and proud. Embrace it. I know it sounds cliche but how you feel about yourself will be easily seen in other people as well. Just have confidence and the good people will notice that beauty inside. The rest who are racist aren’t worth it. If they unfriend you or stop talking to you just because of who you are, then thank goodness they did because they are narrow minded people you wouldn’t want friends as.
  9. Don’t be so quick on judging me without knowing me in person. I only asked. I never said anything bad to anyone. It’s my a freedom of speech and your choice if you want to help. If you don’t have any good advice don’t be here telling who is the one with the bad attitude. Have respect. P.s I warned you at the description at the top.
  10. Any kind donations to help out a poor girl in debt would be highly appreciated. just don’t...ask for it back I’ll be in the same situation all over again
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