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  1. She could be in a DDLG relationship...which is a kink in the BDSM lifestyle ..which is not incest Google is your friend lol..
  2. Relaxing at the beach in front of my house
  3. One of those may have to be done tonight ????
  4. Lol that would be fun roleplay but I was referring to building your own woman in blender comment Up there. Sometimes I wonder if courtship in SL exists. lol.
  5. Relaxing this morning in my Jammies watching youtube
  6. Haha niiiice!! The music thing would be a deal-breaker for me I love music That's one of my favorite things to do here. I love places with live performers. Hopefully we enjoy some of the same genres.
  7. Of course! I am a firm believer in maintaining your friendships and having time for yourself it's essential in any relationship or potential relationship.
  8. Thank you so much! You gave me so many good ideas. Your story makes me smile. While I believe that sometimes rushing in can work out for some people it never has for me.
  9. I've recently met someone that I'm really into. In the past I have been guilty of diving right into things. I would like this time to be different as I feel there's a strong connection between us. I have proposed a six-week rule for us just getting to know one another, which he has agreed to. Any ideas on how to make this work and things to do would be greatly appreciated. What do you and your partner enjoy here together?
  10. I am always welcome to new friends to sim explore with. I love to listen to live music, shop, and play card games. I am a free spirit who is up for just about anything though. I like to get outside my bubble every once in awhile. If any of that interests you or you just want to talk I am quite the chatterbox so send me a message in world I am CST BTW!
  11. Lounging at my sister's place after a morning of work
  12. Welcome back Chris!!! One of my favorite places to hangout is Muddy's Music Cafe. VERY friendly people and good music.
  13. Rocking the Vintage pin up doll look today
  14. I am a babygirl looking for a daddy who is caring, loves to look after me, and is playful. If you are interested send me a message in world I am in SL quite often
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