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  1. I am considering doing whatever I can to protest this system to the leadership of the company...I just spent 400L on a "vampire detector HUD" that doesn't do a thing, and detects nothing. This system needs to go, the residents of SL should not have to worry about an undetectable RolePlay system, it goes against every theory of fair play that exists in every gaming community. It is quite simply flat out wrong that residents cannot protect themselves against this system. I all for having fun, but when it starts costing me money and I don't get a thing out of it, I need to draw the line. This
  2. I got into a philosophical discussion with one of the people who knew this was being made and who actually helped out during production from Rez about the ending of this...she felt the ending was kind of dark...and while I see her point...this story really is aimed squarely at the men who play SL in my opinion...it speaks directly to me and what my experience as a noob was like...I dunno, I have a feeling that the things that make me laugh hard in this video might be gender specific...just saying...
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