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  1. Thank you so much Skell! The light is great for photo taking but I'm so happy it can be adjusted for in-world.
  2. @Skell DaggerI didn't want to make an entirely new thread for this, as I'm not sure if it's been asked. The HD head appears to have some sort of built in facelight, and I really don't like it. (It bounces off walls in dark settings). Can this be turned off? I can't find this anywhere.
  3. Did you try to redeliver it through their terminal?
  4. I agree, pretty stupid. It's something I only just learned - I was at a hair store and they had a free gift and had a sign that says sorry it charges, Caspervend doesn't allow 0, we'll refund the L$1 after purchase. Learn something new every day
  5. I think it's the type of vendor the store uses. Some do not allow you to price something 0...so some merchants are nice and refund you the L$1
  6. I don't really feel it's a matter of entitlement. If you went to the store to buy a new outfit and upon discovering they don't allow you to try it on...wouldn't that be weird and a little offensive? How do they expect you to know if it fits, if you like it, how the material feels on your body, etc? It's less about entitlement and more about common sense. SL stores offer very little in the way of customer service / satisfaction due to all the non-transfer business... so demos are really the only way to vet something before purchasing. Like, period. I think it's perfectly logical and reasonable to expect demos for something as personal as skins, since they all look different on everyone and the only thing we really have to base our original opinion on is a brushed up advertisement photo. And especially since good ones are easily 500+ lindens. Does someone have to provide a demo? No, of course not. Free market and all that. But does that someone make as much money as someone who does? I think we all probably know the answer to that. Since there's so much competition, though, it's easy enough to move right along to a store that actually cares about their customers.
  7. Maitreya's solution to this was so elegant and I can only hope all the body designers do this eventually.
  8. As long as you aren't misleading romantically...I really don't think it's a problem. One of my good SL friends plays a man av and a female av. I think it's awesome personally, ha.
  9. SL is just like RL in that some people just dgaf how they look. Just because it's free, doesn't mean it's good, and/or desired. Some might not know how to upgrade. My poor partner was running around in a pretty outdated mesh combo avatar wearing the same outfit for 3 years...simply because he had no idea where to start. And it's not going to be common that you'll ask a perfect stranger to help you upgrade, nor would they say even yes. Do you know how long that actually takes? He and I spent almost 5 hours doing it together (on the phone!) and I'm not a novice. And, I'd argue that it's hard to know how many people are mesh vs system because those who are mesh / system tend to hang around different places, at least from experience.
  10. Oh no! I wear a ton of Doux... I am on the Strange Face now, but before I was using Classic with Doux as well with BOM. There is a specific hairbase I use allllll the time from Besom's Jordan hair...it's the one with the braids. The hairbase included with that works so perfectly with almost every hair I have...and I have a ton of Doux!! (Stealthic looks really good too.) Maybe try that??
  11. Genus is BOM ready and you should have received an attachment for it. If not, ask the group. You will need to remove your Genus alpha. Once you apply a system Genus skin and click your BOM hud, you should see your new BOM skin on your Genus head. ^.^ If you have any system tattoo layers (lots of designers are adding them with their products or updating them now), you can add them to your head and they stack wonderfully. You are still able to use Genus appliers if need be as well.
  12. Okay so, it's been awhile and I now use Genus Classic, but, I did whip out my babyface to show you guys what I've done. Since BOM this issue has basically disappeared because I can now stack a hairbase on top of my other layers ^.^ https://gyazo.com/64acf9635cca2285dee95506792a955e https://gyazo.com/28ec4f5200e1748df0f12f431facfcd2 (front) This is my babyface ... the one I originally posted was my disaster attempt at learning new shapes. and it's possible that's why it looked so bad on it before. The trick for me was finding Genus hairbases...and BOM makes it a lot easier. ^.^ Edit: I wear mesh ears and I did not bother to move them for the purpose of the screenshot... mesh ears are nice because you can adjust them for the hair for the perfect look!
  13. They're right next to each other so if you want to combine, you can. Both roadside, quiet region. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Albulata/51/233/56 http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Albulata/49/216/56
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