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  1. Hi everyone ^^ - I'm not entirely sure if this is the right forum for this post, since it's about the Firestorm Viewer, but I hope it's okay. My Firestorm Viewer has had multiple hard crashes (the OS dies as well) every day for a very long time now and across multiple versions of FS. And I haven't been able to find a solution online so I thought I'd make a post about this possible fix. I tried different settings, drivers, computers etc. and that didn't make any difference, except that surprisingly the crashes only happen when FS is running in windowed mode. When switching to ful
  2. Oh okay so I'd still be able to manually return them one by one after the sale. Thanks, that's good to know ^^ I read on some other post that the auto-return option is reset to 0 (off) when a parcel changes owner, and doesn't trigger unless the new owner switches it back on. I don't know if that's true though. On the Sell Land page there's this "Show Objects" button that seems to highlight all objects that allow Transfer. I'm guessing the objects that don't show up in the test are automatically returned at the moment of purchase? I've tried editing the objects and switching them fr
  3. Hi everyone ^^ If I put a mainland parcel up for sale and it still has lots and lots of stuff on it, will all of my stuff then automatically be returned to me the moment someone buys the parcel? The sale does not include objects, but from what I've read so far it seems like: Even with the "No, keep ownership of objects" option selected, all objects have their owner parameter set to the new land-owner at the moment of purchase. Objects that do not have Transfer allowed are automatically returned to me. Objects that do have Transfer allowed are transferred to the new land-owner and a
  4. Thanks for the replies everyone. I think I'm beginning to understand how this whole mesh body thing works. Basically all my legacy clothes, texture based clothes and mesh alphas are history and I should look for new "applier clothes" that work with the body I choose. I'm new to the whole applier thing or rather I do have lots of clothing items that can be changed through a HUD but I didn't know that was called an applier. I think I read that Omega appliers work with most bodies but I'm confused as to how many "applier clothes items" I can wear at the same time. It sounds like each body ha
  5. Hi everyone. I'm thinking about diving into the world of mesh bodies but there's just so many tings I don't really understand about it. And I though you might be kind enough to offer some advice and point me in the right direction. What I'd like is a body with less rugged edges, more detailed hands and feet that overall deforms better than the default body. (which is really rather poor in those regards) I'd also like to keep my shape and skin so I don't look totally different from usual. And finally I'd like to keep my options for clothing as open as possible. It looks like th
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