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  1. It's really simple. 1. Have a lot of friends. 2. Make new friends with the vistors Do whatever you can to make then stay. Lets just say that's it's quite easy to make people stay if you know what to do. Just be active. That's pretty much how places like the commune got started. Everytime I came there, there was always somebody ther eto greet me. If you do not have a lot of time in SL, then it's not really worth it. Maintaining a popular place is a hard thing to do.
  2. Unofically, maybe. Windows is primarily Direct X, yet people got this crappy unoptimized program working for windows. Offically? Nope. Software is expected to *WORK* on consoles, and a program as glitchy and as crappy as SL would never be accepted by Microsoft, Sony, or Nintendo. LL barely have any programming skills to program well on the PC without crashing or problems ingame.
  3. Thinkerer Melville wrote: Here is an article about the SL resources that will help you meet people show share your interests How do I meet people? TKR No offense, but mfor once can you actually post something that has something to do with the topic? I know it's hard for you to find work after they got rid whole helper thing, but I'm pretty sure this person knows how to meet people.
  4. Didn't you say in anothe topic that "My firestorm never crashes" I guess it does now.
  5. None are better than SL; that depends on your hardware or viewer. But overall? I like both my Linux setup and my Mac OS setup, so I like both I guess. I can't really stand WIndows though. Besides video games (which doesn't matter to me since I'm not a PC gamer), you can pretty much find any software you need on Linux or Mac. But my opinion is bias since I'm a software developer and graphic artist. If you're casual, just get a cheap PC with windows 7. But if you want to be a dumb hipster like me, then get a Mac.
  6. KEVP314 wrote: Wow. Do they no longer want this to be succesful? Even when they had a tutorial, some people gave up because of how hard it was to learn the interface. It just becomes a place where a handful of us with "secret knowledge" can come and play. KEVP I'll never understand this why people think this way. Just look at the wiki. That's everbody does these days when they need help on any software.
  7. Syo Emerald wrote: SL is not RL. You can't compare it for various reasons. One is that there aren't any groups or profiles naturally integrated in the real world, so there isn't even the option to poke a person and see what he/she likes. Your example would mean, that you leave your profile completely blank, because hey, in RL I can't right-click you.... Well, nothing wrong with someone leaving their profile blank if they don't want people learning anything about them. My profile is completely blank for that very reason.
  8. It's certainly ain't father's day for me. Another week in my country.
  9. The last thing i want to do is scare somebody after they seen my groups. I visit a lot of sims: Grated, M rated, RPing, hangout spots. Since everybody look at profiles first I'm just doing it for their own safety.
  10. Drake1 Nightfire wrote: Arman Michigan wrote: WARNING - ADULT ROLE PLAY BACK STORY - This roleplay involves three brothers (human/African American). Their mother has just died leaving them the house (4 bedrooms) and land as her only real property. It was important to her that they share "everything". The brothers have very different personalities and can choose from the following roles: The Casanova/Playboy - Always wooing and bedding females without descrimination The Criminal - Drug dealer, pimp or rapist, with little respect for females The Nerd - The quiet guy, with sexual
  11. I agree that bad lines suck on the mainlands. Makes me wonder why they don't get a private estate instead. However, I rather deal with them than the teleport you to home at 10 seconds secruity orbs.
  12. Maryanne Solo wrote: I finish my IT diploma next week and I wouldnt buy a laptop at all. I hope that helps. I just finished my degree in computer science and I took some IT courses during college not too long ago, and i personally say buying a laptop for SL is fine if you know how to take care of your laptop so it doesn't overheat. While I perfer my desktop, I've been running SL on laptop for years without much trouble since I was always on the move during school. Of course due to SL horrible optimization you can't run at the highest settings on many laptops, but lets be honest; SL i
  13. Dresden Ceriano wrote: Does the sexualized culture of SL objectify men? Does it encourage men to objectify themselves? I not completely sure, but judging by your forum posts, I can come to the conclusions that men of your "type" seem to objectify themselves a lot.
  14. Orca Flotta wrote: Instead of speculating about future developments let's focus on the Here and Now for a moment: Here and Now you need a powerful machine and a big screen to really get the best out of SL. Here and Now impatient kids are crying for SL to be able to run on their tablets and not-so-smart phones. In the Here and Now I haven't heard of too many (if any) success stories about bringing these two very contradictionary demands technologically together. That's only because SL is horribly unoptimized due to LL crappy coding. You think something that looks like second life (which
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