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  1. House of V is a great place, there also used to be an adoption place, but it closed. Might be another, could do a search for Babygirl Adoption or something. Beyond that, I'd guide you, but I already have a babygirl, lol. Only other thing I can really offer is friendship, and maybe help in finding someone.
  2. This store has a bunch of full perm stuff for reasonable prices that you can edit yourself. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/67299
  3. The 1st one looks the most similar, even has his mask from the 2nd Season, awesome, thank you! ❤️
  4. So, I've been looking for a specific hair for hours, there have been many similar hair, but none that is truly exact. One of my favorite characters from Tokyo Ghoul is Uta, I have his tattoos, but I've been wanting the hair as well. I'm wondering if someone out there is able to make it, I am willing to pay, reasonably of course. The photo attachment is the best I could find of all the angles, and yes the side is shaved. Reply here, or message me in world, thanks in advance.
  5. I'm always open for new friends, look me up inworld, I'll be happy to chat, chill
  6. My SL partner of 8 years, I've been married to her IRL for 6 years, that being said, clearly we met, got married, even had children. It's not an extremely out of the norm thing, people met from online venues all the time, especially in this day and age, but you always find people that Catfish others, everywhere, SL is no exception.
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