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  1. I'm looking for the armor in this picture: Also, looking for the suit in this one: If anyone can please help me out, I'd greatly appreciate it.
  2. Eructation is simply a fancier, and some might argue a more decorous, word for "belch." Honestly, I probably would've thought it meant something different myself, lol. I understand the needed for acceptance, and non-judgmental people after such drama. Real friends are always hard to find, but I can offer this, I'm a very non-judgmental person, as are a great number of my friends, we accept everyone. That being said, if you want to contact inworld, please do so, I'm always down for more friends
  3. Since I am a male, in RL and SL, and seeing the numerous posts on this thread. I can tell you this, men are not the ones fit to be seen, at least not only. I see the beauty in all the posts here, the poses, the avatars that are built, all of it is beautiful, and it doesn't matter if they're male, or female. I do not see this photo of yours as an obsolete aspect to women, in fact, I love the viewpoint you're trying to go with, the pose, and the beauty of your avatar, it is simply a work of art. Thank you for sharing
  4. Your avatar looked like an import from City of Heroes?
  5. Hmm, I like this persons idea, esp. putting themselves out there in this way. I mean it's not a hard thing to ask to have a home, a family if you will. I'm sure all of us want that in some way, shape or form. Hell, I've wanted that for a long time myself, to have a sense of belonging. I'll tell you what @tucksim IM me inworld.
  6. Considering I personally have been on SL for many years, on and off, for about 13 years, almost at least. I've taken my fair share of breaks, and time away from the goings on inworld, with my most recent break being, leaving when mesh was still new and crappy in most degrees, to coming back when it boomed into an awesome addition to the market, and even my conversion to it (since I fought so hard against changing my avatar). That all being said, I've experienced a great deal within this virtual world, and have loved it since I first set eyes on it, if it ever closed, or just ceased to exist, and hole would form in my heart, and I would probably seek another game to fill it. Most likely go on the OpenSim aspect, and experience what I could there.
  7. Most people don't read profiles, they don't like to read period to be honest. There are quite a few exceptions to that, but you will find people that IM you without reading anything, I've had it happen many times. However, I try to be friendly to everyone.
  8. I've struggled myself a bit with certain things I've wanted for my avatar, most of the time I'm pretty good with finding stuff. There was this one hair though, that I really wanted, and couldn't find anywhere, luckily I was pointed in a direction by lovely people here on the forum, and now I have it. I hope me saying this will encourage you to seek help, if you need it
  9. Truth to told, I am an introvert, most of the time I sit on my own sim, which has a nightclub on it btw, away from the crowds. However, there are times where I am social, and have conversations that could probably last for days. The old dogs that generally have meaningful conversation, rather then perverted ones are a dying breed, esp. in online settings, not just here on SecondLife, there are places that are worse. We all have aspects of being a pervert though, just depends on the situation, who we're talking to, and if we find them that attractive. However, finding friends has always been a hard commodity to say the least, at least ones that truly live up to the word, rather then a fair-weathered one. It's almost like flipping a coin and hoping for the best.
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