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  1. New to blender, learning slowly on how to make clothing, but dont like the body that exist at the moment (Thinking of the kemono body, but want to make my own shape or bigger hips and smaller chest or closer to each other. That kind of stuff) Yup, its XML file. Can tell then shortly maybe how to get the own made shape body to blender. then how to get the own clothing made to Second life? Sorry for not the good english
  2. How to get the model or "own shaped dummy" to blender then? Getting it that theres a file whenever porting it to the XML file or where it goes, but whenever opening a file, the file where it goes doesnt come up. Sorry for the questions too
  3. Just wondering how to export or how do download own shape from SL to blender,
  4. Just checked if there is a demo for the body or avatar. There isnt one
  5. Title says it all! But nein serious.. Thinking about getting the Viss Bunny avatar, but unsure about the clothing choice. Would be making my own clothing if could but dont got the dummy thing that helps out with the body Just wondering if the Viss Bunny has the same body as Hourglass or Maitreya so dont need to get the Viss Bunny then save up for the Hourglass body or the other ones that exist. Meaning the female body too or the female avatar.
  6. Yup, just gonna hope now that there is maybe someone that got the hair that can suggest or tell where its selling. The store shouldnt be gone though since seen the hair in a other video that is maybe 1 year old?
  7. Being 100% sure he wont ever answer. Can bet that its his friend in the video, but she wouldnt answer either
  8. Pretty sure the creator wont be answering Holding thumbs to someone knowing what the hair is here
  9. Anyone know what the hair is called or where to get it?
  10. Can suggest looking up Yosegaman on youtube. Solarian, Ocelot, Kemono with furry mod, Curious Chinchila with mods from Puppy. Margaret Ghost has two videos of a cute furry, but can bet its the kemono with mod and different ears with the Vixen head or what it was called.. Ree Roar got a video of Kemono modeling if wnat to check it out.. But its Kemono mod again, but with cute skins. Wish knew the Lynx mod or avatar in the videos but, dont know. Good luck though!
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