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  1. Jajaja... Very good comment, Rhonda! Unfortunately for me there is not, or I could have that physical muscle of my avatar, since I'm really just average. jajaja...
  2. I also think so, Talligur. For my SL has a difference also with my life in RL, but that is precisely one of my goals in wanting to look like myself being in another type of life that is not what I have, although I only maintain my appearance and my work doing it that I can not in my RL.
  3. Jajaja.... I'm not Bree, I just try to made my avatar in the body, the most similar to me in the RL. But yes, Madelaine! I closed the camera to take that picture, so... I think is a focal effect of the lens jajaja.... Thank you, Madelaine!
  4. I want to let them a picture taked and save it on my profile about this event... Happy Easter 2017 to Everyone!
  5. Well, this is me in Second Life. Sometimes I change clothes according to the occasion, but never of appearance since I made to my avatar the most similar to myself in the real life (obviously yes there are some "failures" to be a digital model ).
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