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  1. But why do you want me to leave the rest and not focus on them? Are you afraid if I dig deeper I will find some very disturbing things?
  2. I think that those who say "I just like the clothes but don't wanna be a prostitute" really need to question themselves why they want to wear *****ty clothes in SL. Maybe there is something they don't understand about themselves or some hidden desire they are desperately trying to hide in RL but let out in SL because they are too ashamed of it in RL. I am not judging people who want to have a fancy house in SL or wear heels, nothing wrong with that. My focus is on people who dress avis in very revealing clothes, like a skirt that looks like a scarf and a top that only covers nipples and stuff like that. And I wouldn't want to be dressed in clothes like that in RL even if they were affordable and easy to wear.
  3. There is a popular expression in SL: I do things in SL that I want to do in RL but can't. So they dress like *****s in SL because that's how they wish to dress in RL. But why do you want to look like a ***** in RL??? Are you a wanna be prostitute?? What's wrong with people.
  4. And also SL is full of sexual predators, which are men who can't get sex in real life. The clothing stores are encouraging people to have sex in SL by selling revealing clothes and they know it will sell well because there is so many sexual interractions there.
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