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  1. a friend of mine recently changed his name and had to become a premium member to do this . He didnt want to become a member but sadly its a rule i believe which shortly after he canceled . It would be nice if they would make it so if a person does choose to name change you aren't forced to become a member and can pay a bit smaller price to do so, even just half would be nice . I could be wrong though, I just remember how pricey it was for him to do this and the disappointment of " having " to become a member when he hasnt been one for years .
  2. I have 2 very good friends who met in SL and things went so well they did get married In RL . they have been together now for 6 yrs and still going very strong .
  3. Hello Jin and welcome to SL . i hope you are able to find that person you are looking for . Some times in SL its much easier to find friends, and they become the ones who care deeply for you . Give it some time, and a chance, enjoy what there is in SL to offer.. its not just a game, even though , I will be honest, when I started I was convinced thats all it was . But the people become close to you , you build a family and eventually, relationships . but its a one day at a time thing . Again welcome.
  4. rich only huh .hmmm...yep...that leaves me out !
  5. i went there a few weeks back and was trying to remember where this was . Was very pretty when i went and was considering living here ( just couldnt remember where i went to ..) thank you for posting this for me !
  6. hmmm ...she doesnt seem to like the game or want to know much about it ...she hasnt logged on since she made the thread
  7. I had one earlier today .. i was out wandering around on the gacha sims and received a tp to a random home followed by the phrase " come *****" ..the profile showed a woman ( dom) looking for a slave .. and im thinking to my self .. at WHAT point and time did i ever suggest im a slave and where is it at on my profile .AND ...who the hell are you ?!
  8. what should you do in this " game " ...sit back , enjoy and let it take you on a journey and adventure not many are able to have in rl due to such a busy schedule . dont be in a rush to learn every thing at once ..take it slow, find out what interests you , and explore ...some of your greatest friends you will meet here ..if you give them a chance .. welcome to second life .
  9. I have actually been looking for the same . I know there is parcels you can rent , but when you want to be a part of a community, renting a parcel on a private lot away from others isnt the same . I have tried finding communities, cocoa bay, and a couple others ..most dont seem to have many people so in a sense it would be similar to renting a private parcel away from others If you happen to find an active place, let me know ..would love to find a place there and see what its like to be a part of a community or small town for once
  10. sadly the sim had to be let go ..the greenery there was huge and if i ever find another place like it, ill definately post it here for you !
  11. One of my favorite places to go and relax and even just have fun at is playful paradise . a tropical rainforest with so much color and so much to enjoy then if thats not what i am wanting, on the same sim is another awsome place filled with an amusement park, lots of places to just relax and enjoy and share a spot with a favorite person . its not a club , and not a rental property ...just a fun place that i figured if i enjoyed it others might aswell . http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Playful Paradise/73/131/22
  12. hm considering the topic, one can choose to go a couple different ways .. i am a girl and if you are looking for a friend ..then yes ..I'll be a friend ...anything more then that .. nope . good luck on the search for the future friends or next girlfriend .
  13. Thank you all for the suggestions . I guess I need to figure out what Im looking to get from being in SL . It can be frustrating feeling lost and not sure which direction to start after watching people I know seem to find it so easily . I take my time and take to heart the suggestions . I honestly always thought if a person was part of a rp sim, they did have to be a part of that . So knowing that you dont has helped . I was part of a family for a little bit, but not being use to it, i was told its not really for me . So i guess the biggest thing is trying to find out where to fit in . As I said, I will definately take to heart all the suggestions you have made and see what happens . there is alot to see and do ..i guess i need to slow down and take it one step at a time and see what comes my way .
  14. So I have been in SL for a little while and I see some of my friends moving to different communities then get tired of where they are and move to another . I was thinking maybe its time to see about finding a community and what its all about , but Im honestly not sure what to even look for . Im a little quiet at times, like exploring and have never tried rping in the game . But Im always willing to try . What communities would one suggest to a nooby who hasnt ever been in one, never really associated a whole lot, or even did the rp that so many enjoy . I honestly cant afford much so simple is good . If anyone has suggestions Im more then willing to listen . ( I wasnt sure where to put this, so if it doesnt belong here in general I do apologize )
  15. welcome back . another rp place i use to know , and its still around, ( not sure if it was already mentioned ) is stepford suburbs .Glad you returned and have lots of fun! exploring is a non stop adventure in itself as you possibly very well know .
  16. I agree alot with the hugs and kisses ... Usually if they say * kisses* i will respond with , sorry cant kiss back, just had pizza with garlic . and the other that completely irritates me is " HUGGIES".. ok correct me if i am wrong, but where I am from, Huggies is diapers they use here for babies . . Window gets closed and person ignored the second its used .
  17. Its not so much that I worry about any , but as much as get annoyed with it. There is many other lines and things that after hearing non stop, it does get old . Its actually hard at times to find a nice conversation with out something coming up . Yes its pixel sex and yes I also point this out . . ( and no, not just men ) . I think the comments come from men or women, but does it honestly matter ? I was just curious as to what lines people use that tend to bother people in SL , and from the looks of it, there is plenty . If posting this topic on what can be annoying at times in SL does seem to bother you then I do apologize . I just figured Im sure others also have had the same experiences as my self . I also get annoyed with people who talk baby talk to me in game . Yes I know, its petty but it annoys me just as much in real life as it does in SL .
  18. I was randomly thinking and the question of .... when you first meet some one, or even some one you have known for a short time, what random line seems to annoy you most ? I have had a couple but I know others have had more . I am just curious as to what they might be . Biggest one for me, when I haven't even met a person and instead of saying hi or hello its, " hey baby want to have sex ? " or " I'll make you wish you were never with another guy " . What are some of your biggest line annoyances in SL ?
  19. Ok, I wasnt going to post up cause I have seen how some can tend to judge a person upon their response and reply, but here goes . It has taken me some time to find a place to fit in, and often when you do find a place, with SL changing so much it can disappear or change on you . I have found random places, places I enjoy going, seeing the people there , and even listening to music . If you are a person who enjoys dancing, then places like that may catch your attention. Places of bdsm is also popular, many sims do tend to offer this to those wanting to experiment or who have enjoyed being a part of it over the time they have been in SL . Beaches, not only is there a great atmosphere, but it can also be relaxing . A few of the places I have mentioned would be, ( these are only some I have found to be relaxing and enjoyable due to not being so empty) , Skinny Dip inn. the people are always friendly and always great music to dance or hang out at, Temptations .. again you will find many people here, most enjoy the BDSM mansion, or dance club, and their chat is always active . Secret beach( although not so secret) is a good place to relax, find friend and just enjoy . It takes a while to find what you are looking for and honestly, some times you wont find it . But the biggest thing here, just enjoy and have fun . I did want to say thank you for friending me in SL . hopefully we can both find what we are looking for and enjoy SL as many others do .
  20. I believe it was already mentioned that some couples have different ways of enjoying their relationship together . I was with a man who wanted me to flirt with other men, letting him know if they were getting excited and had requested that i consider having relations to please a man so he could watch from a far. to him he said not only would it excite him but would also bring him and I closer . Unfortunately, he didnt get his request fullfilled . just wasnt my thing
  21. I tend to feel alone alot in the game aswell ..it just seems to change the longer Im in it . I understand every thing you mentioned and honestly it is hard. When you are shy or afraid to talk to others, eitehr cause you dont feel like you fit in very well or some times the thought of, I wonder if they are only after one thing in SL ..so you tend to keep to your self . Im always exploring the sims, and 99% of the time im on my own . You are more then welcome to buddy me and we can explore together . Im not always on alot during the day due to work but the weekend are usually when Im on ... even just to chat, feel free . One thing that did help me, and honestly it was the 1st time i actually felt a part of something in SL, maybe consider being in a family . I honestly dont know how to go about doing this, but I know when I was a part of it for just a short time, I didnt feel as lonely or empty in the game .
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