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  1. MzLiv

    Voice on desktop

    My earbuds do have a mic and I also have a gaming headset with a mic. I tried both but still didn’t work. Thank you for replying
  2. MzLiv

    Voice on desktop

    I did try plugging into the green port and i can hear fine just voice won’t work. The splitter may be my best bet. Thank you!
  3. MzLiv

    Voice on desktop

    I just got a new Desktop and normally I just used my apple earbuds on voice on my old laptop. Is there a way to use them on my desktop or what do I need to get? Please help?
  4. MzLiv

    Render problems

    When logging off today for a while I returned to find many attachments like my head, eyes, body, and certain HUDS missing. It showed them all as being worn even though they won't render. I can detach these but they will not reattach. I tried three different viewers and it's all the same. I redid my router and relogged, changed sims. Nothing works.
  5. MzLiv

    Breast Deforming

    For some reason after recently updating the Firestorm Viewer to the newest. Now whenever I wear breast physics, it deforms one of the breasts to bigger. All my settings are as always been before updating and never had an issue. Does anyone know how I could fix this? I want to be able to wear physics.
  6. Yes they both are checked. Seems like I have tried everything I've read about this.
  7. I have a issue when using Advanced Lighting Model and have searched and asked but have come up short. When I check Advanced Lighting Model, even with antialiasing set to x4, everything has jagged edges. Not just my avatar. When unclicked everything is normal. I would really like to use this feature if I am able. If not, I can live without it. lol Does anyone have knowledge of this issue and how to fix it?
  8. Hello and thank you for replying. I do use Firestorm. Not sure where to find the Legacy function. I have uploaded both my in world pic and profile site pic from firestorm in every which way I know how. Have even paid 10L for uploads have tried inventory have tried local. The profile pics stick, but my feed icon is still always grey.
  9. I have searched far and wide for the answer to this and have tried every single thing I have found on the topic. My issue is, my profile icon pic in feed is always grey. My profile pic on the site and in world are both there. But when I post anything such as a snapshot or just a post period. My icon is grey. Does anyone know how to fix this issue? Thank you.
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