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  1. OOP! Just had someone on SL tell me something that it could be. For anyone who's having a similar problem, it turns out SL is lame and can only support 4 vertex groups fer vertex. Which is why it behaves differently in blender than SL. There's a weight tool that can limit the weights to only 4 groups though. After that it's just a matter of smoothing out the problem areas with blur, while making sure not to exceed 4 groups on any vertex. Avastar has a tool to check any vertexes that are over 4 under tools called "> Weight Limit". Will update if this solves my issue <3
  2. So, the body behaves perfectly in blender, and is super smooth, but when I bring it in SL, I get, for example, something like this: In Blender: In SL: Has any encountered this problem/maybe knows the solution for it? No matter how I move the armature in blender I can't seem to replicate this, and I made sure my shape in SL is identical to the shape settings on my avastar. I'm currently ONLY wearing the body in SL, so I'm not wearing any other mesh with joint positions included, and I've tried resetting animations/skeleton and relogging. Thank you for your time! Short gif of moving armature in blender: https://gyazo.com/ad65c7e9c25d70670eb05ccdf53c2960
  3. Hello! <3 I'm working on updating an old bento body to work with more shape sliders, but I'm running into a couple issues. One of them is that the butt and belly shape sliders seem to both affect the PELVIS bone. So, although I need to use the PELVIS bone to weight the belly, this also means the butt shape slider will scale the belly up. I've also noticed that the BUTT volume bone doesn't work as I want it to (scales left to right rather than back), so someone recommended I use the PELVIS bone for the butt too, which works fine, but also means the belly slider would scale the butt up and vice versa. Is this working as intended? Thank you for your time!
  4. Okay, so If I move the mHead bone up and apply joint positions and everything, the hair appears at a better height. But that also breaks EVERYTHING else on the head, because all the bones shift slightly. Anyone know a solution to this? :<
  5. Tried moving the HEAD collision bone up. It just distorts the head in SL, and doesn't alter the height of the hair D:
  6. So, working on a bento av, I moved the default joint positions, so it's a custom bento skeleton. Everything works fine now, except that rigged mesh hair appears halfway inside the head (happens with all rigged hair). I've tried raising the skull bone, but that doesn't seem to work? I'm using Blender and Avastar 2.0.23 (yeah, glitchy, I know. Trying to work around it). If anyone has any ideas I'd really appreciate that! <3 :o
  7. Hi! So, I'm working on a bento av, it's going pretty well- but! I'm having ALLOT of trouble with getting the eye bones to work correctly. Just so we're on the same page, by eyebones I mean the ones that follow your camera around in SL and can rotate a prim sphere, as if it's an eye. (they were called mEyeRight and mEyeLeft in the original SL armature, I think) I want them included in my bento head I've rigged, but when I set up the armature they weren't passed over into the mesh. I've already rigged the bento face, which is a finicy process so I don't want to do it again. How can I get the eye bones in there and have them working when I upload the mesh head into SL? I've tried adding and naming them manually, selecting them and applying zero weight to have them added in the vertex list... I've tried adding in mEyeLeft, mEyeRight, EyeLeft, EyeRIght, EyeFocus, etc. I just can't get it to work so I'm turning to the forums. Thank you for reading! <3
  8. Hi, I've been looking for a day at least! I found the wiki-article on it, but when I downloaded the files there they only appeared to be the default skeletons, and I don't really understand the difference between the mulitple files. I tried the avastar bento skeleton, but when I apply weights to it, it refuses to move my mesh. Where can I download a clean, up to date version of the bento skeleton (no avastar) that I can work with like a regular blender armature? Thank you for your time! D:
  9. So, I'm working on making micro/macro (tiny and huge avatars) sizes for a mesh avatar I'm making. I made some during the early stages, and they worked fine. Now that I'm pretty close to release I made them again, the micro works okay (sinks into ground on some animations though, even the default crouch. Is there any way to deal with this?), but the macro, although it appears as large as I want it to, won't stay above the ground even at the heightest shape hover height. Previously the macro worked fine, so I'm wondering if I've messed something up? I'm using blender, and I scale only the armature (everything else follows along with it). Then I apply scale and rotation- I also tried applying location but that didn't help. Here's an example of what I mean: Help would be much appreciated, thank you very much for your time! :) <3<3<3
  10. Thank you! This worked perfectly. I only need the joint positions on one of the objects. So I just seperated the head and tail into seperate objects, and uploaded these with weights only (no joints). Then, uploaded the main body with weights AND joints. Works! Woot!
  11. I downloaded a bento skeleton last night, but the armature looks different than what I'm used to working with. I sort of got the jaw moving as I wanted it to though. If you have a link to any tutorials, that'd be really helpful though! <3
  12. UPDATE: This doesn't happen on the official SL viewer... But I'd still like to fix it, since Firestorm is a very common third party viewer. So! I'm working on a full mesh avatar, everything was going great! I get it modeled, textured and rigged! Get it into Second Life, works perfectly. Then I go back into blender and use shape keys to create multiple eye states, for a blinking animation. Get that into Second Life, rez it on the ground, pop a script into it I wrote a while back- works great! But then I wear the avatar, everything works as normal except for when the blink occurs! My avatar quickly pops up into the air and back down again, seemingly each time the timer event is called. timer() { // Show/hide the eyes starting from the top lid down (downward blink) integer i; for(i = firstEye; i<=(num_of_prims-(firstEye-1)) ;i++) { // Show blink prim really quick and hide it again! llSetLinkAlpha( llList2Integer(blinkPrims,i) ,1,ALL_SIDES); llSleep(blinkSpeed); llSetLinkAlpha(llList2Integer(blinkPrims,i) ,0,ALL_SIDES); } // Show/hide the eyes starting from the bottom lid up (upward blink) for(i = num_of_prims; i>=firstEye ;i--) { llSetLinkAlpha(llList2Integer(blinkPrims,i) ,1,ALL_SIDES); llSleep(blinkSpeed); llSetLinkAlpha(llList2Integer(blinkPrims,i) ,0,ALL_SIDES); } // Show the current 'first eye' that the user has set (top lid by default) llSetLinkAlpha(getLinkNum((type+(string)firstEye)),1,ALL_SIDES); } When creating the rigging, I moved around some bones in the default armature, but I applied rotation, scale and location. Other than the weird popping up thing, it works fine. Here's a pic of the rig: As you can see I've change the skeleton, widdened the legs, scaled it down, moved things around. Works fine for the most part, but reacts strangely with the script. gif of problem: https://gifs.com/gif/r0VpVk Any ideas? :O
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