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  1. Holidays are over, I'm ready to try this again. Anyone Interested?
  2. I'm looking for people. I keep having people tell me they are interested but then I never hear from them again. I'm want to do an urban RP. I'm new to RP, only having dabbled prior but I know I hate how long para RP takes. I still like to be immersed though and be willing to find a happy median here. I'd be willing to talk and see if we can RP together.
  3. I understand completely. I too am looking to start/ join a group that doesn't do crazy long para RP. I'm a novice at RP though.
  4. Bump. I think I'm back at square one. What I had doesn't seem to be going anywhere.
  5. Ok, I've had a couple bites on this. I'm thinking a group of 4-5 is a good start. We are up to 3 Ladies now, (Myself, SarahSprintf, and MayaSmit ). I think a guy or two would be nice though not required.We seem to be leaning toward finding a grungy urban sim and living/ RPing there. We don't have all the details hashed out yet but we would like to avoid lengthy para RP but still have an in depth story. We have 2 ladies from the U. S. who play in the evening/ late night, and 1 lady from London who can also manage to be on of an evening (our time) (but it's super late her time). So that seems to be the time frame we are looking at playing- between 2 SLT til 7 SLT
  6. Hi there! I've lurked around RP sims for a couple of years and even tried to infiltrate a couple to no avail. I was wondering if there was anyone who would be interested in starting a group for an urban RP or a group looking for a new member perhaps? I'll try to check this but you'll have a better chance of catching me in an in world message.
  7. Just turned 40 myself. I do like to shop, I like other things to though. Love just interesting convos. Never tried board games. I doubt second life would have the kind I like anyway.
  8. Tazzie. thanks for your response. Just to clarify I didn't expect anyone to ONLY do this. I expect it would just be a series. As for everyone else talking about copyright, the clothes she wears aren't HER design, they are other people's clothes she puts together. I'm not looking to copy DESIGN, but STYLE. They are two different things and I would never expect to do anything exactly down to the detail. That's what talking more about it would have been for anyone interested. But thanks for all the information, ladies. However, I have started to try to put together some similar looks inspired by her. If you'd like to check it out (i only have a few posts so far) my blog is https://oxymoronsl.wordpress.com/
  9. Lord, I don't even know where to start. I've been inspired by the style of Taylor Swift, both on stage and street style. So I looked into learning how to create clothing. Lord I have a long way to go to learn that. I was wondering if there is someone out there that would like to start a line of fashion inspired by Tay Tay. I dunno how involved I'd be. I'd be fine with just sparking the idea in someone who knows how to make quality mesh clothing, or if they would want help with research of the fashion or even learning how to do things myself. I'm really ok with any level of involvement if someone would give me the clothes I'm DYING for! LOL HMU in world if you'd like to chat more about it.
  10. Looking to start an RP with a room mate. Male or Female is fine. I have a fews sims in mind but open to ideas. HMU in world!
  11. Hey there! I too love gift hunting, shopping, and taking photos. I just recently started a fashion blog. My time has been pretty consumed with that but it's lonely. Looking for friends/ sisters. I"m SL +2 but i too get on at odd hours. Looking for people to chat and shop with and maybe I'll recruit you for some blog photos
  12. For a PG rated photoshoot. Looking for 3-4 girls. preferably an ethnically diverse bunch. Prefer slender avatars. Must have a fashionable and classy wardrobe. Must be nice and easy to work with. Will provide images for portfolio. I am working on building my own portfolio. Message me or send me a NC in world please.
  13. I can be your super nerdy, goody two shoes friend.
  14. Hi there! I've been considering a partner as well. I'm a noob at RPing but the little I've done I do tend to tell a story rather than short RP quips.
  15. I don't live here but I pop in now and then. dreaming of living here one day when I have a family. Seems like there is always someone on and people are pretty friendly!
  16. Cheating can be a wide range of things. It's all up to the individuals in a relationship. Cyber sex can be cheating. Emotional relationships can be cheating. Open relationships can NOT be cheating. Cheating is when lies, deception and betrayal are involved no matter what form the cheating took.
  17. I'm also a night owl and I'd love some people that are also on late. Send me an IM!
  18. Hey there, I'm 38 and I'm just now getting into RP and would love to have a partner/friend with me. I'd like to think I too am pretty intelligent and I love a good conversation! I'm not a stickler for mesh myself but I have recently converted and I'm ironing out the kinks if that's a quality you're looking for. I'd like to think my other qualities are a bigger part of me though. Sending me an IM in world is better cuz I hardly ever check this.
  19. Ya, I had the same experience. Was very "meh".
  20. Hey Talli. Told you I'm bad about checking these! lol Sorry it's been so long. I would meet your brother if the offer was still open.
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