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  1. It doesnt though. Before i baked the mesh on, the alphas and everything worked fine. the clothes looked great. Now every article of clothing leaks skin through. sometimes it shows skin even if the alpha is on. like for instance, the crotch area. Ill hide the privates and what have ya and it will still show skin there. i dont get it.
  2. i just worked out the BOM but my skin is leaking through the clothes for some reason. can anyone point me in the right direction to fix this issue? Thanks
  3. Add me if you would like. I just came back on SL as well and have just been roaming by myself. Lol SL name is Islaleigh
  4. Hey All. I am looking for a modeling position. If you are looking for models, please dm me in SL or send a notecard Thanks, Isla
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