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  1. hello, seeking a RP sim with the theme set in the 1950s or 60s, If anyone knows of such please let me know . Thank you!
  2. after reading what we have to agree to in order to keep playing SL,,,, after Aug 1, I will not give out my SS#,,,,,,, so does that mean I have to stop playing and loose all I have put in , am also a premium member till Nov. Have been in SL over 6 years, what a huge waste of money and my time if this new requirement makes me loose out. Not just the money but friends. Sad 😞
  3. Would then we be charged a fee if say we go 12 months inactive? it says we all have to agree to this Tilia on August 1st, I don't know what I would be agreeing to ? Does that mean I would then have to give my SS# and photo ID ? or just sign I agree with whatever is required, if I don't agree then do I loose all I have put into SL and vanish? This does not make me happy at all ,
  4. thank you , never thought of GAS clothing having any Monroe looks, will try the search as you suggested. Again, thank you Alyona Su
  5. hello, well people in the 50s didn't wear tops like you have on , I also am looking for a Monroe look, find most things are not made for mesh bodies so I am having a hard time I bought a hair from DOUX that is called Marilyn, it has her look ( a 50s look) bought skin and shape that give her facial look somewhat. Just need to add the dark lipstick and a mole. Since I am after the glamorous look of Monroe, I am just buying formals, until I find a one piece suit they wore back then. Even glamorous stars wore one piece suits. Wish more designers would make clothes for our mesh bodies that would fit into the time period of 50s and 60s too.
  6. hello, what do others think about the price increase for premiums? am not sure its worth the cost .
  7. Hope to get a houseboat ,,,,,, so guess I keep watching for the updates or keep trying to get a home on my dashboard, my luck I will be sleeping 🙁 anyway ,,, smile !
  8. thank you very much, will download Restrained Love Viewer, if that does not work will try Catznip, much thanks!
  9. please tell me how to set RLV on the SL viewer. i have a new laptop i will be using for travel, and can not find a setting for this please help, firestorm has one but their veiwer does not download full screen on my new pc. thank you
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