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  1. Hello! I have the latest update of the maitreya body and a leltuka bento head. I am available to model, just drop me a message! -LightNina (My in-world name as well)
  2. Down for all the above, Just shoot me an IM and Im down for whatever, just make it fun.
  3. About to send you an Im. It would be fun to room with other people (I personally can't afford my own land. bento is a drainer)
  4. Name: Nina Interest: Photography, Business, Sailing, Driving, RP, shopping, exploring, pretty much everything. So I'm a little introverted so I don't really go out of my way to make friends typically but being with good friends is much better than being alone when it comes to pretty much the whole of second life. I'm pretty chatty and open to many things, I dont really cause drama (I tend to be neutral). Oh and bonus, Im really good at visual design! So Im extremely good at decorating or picking out full outfits that go well together! Feel free to Im me (but please say more than a generic hello...I tend to ignore those) I have a full mesh avatar, pretty broke though so I'll only be helping you pick an outfit Oh and..Here's my flickr if you wanna scroll through my style: https://www.flickr.com/photos/152935203@N02/
  5. Hi i'm Nina! I'm very chatty. I'm also single but relationships aren't my thing (though I'm fine with some romance) I also lean towards girls. I'm typically a photographer with many other skills and a shopping addiction! I'd love to explore sims and find some fun stuff to do. I love rp as well. If you'd like to hand out just message me in world: LightNina (P.s cute avi)
  6. I have a friend who is super into sailing but sadly she is AFK most of the time lmao. I'd love to join but I can't cover rent haha but maybe we can hang out some time
  7. I am a sucker for Sci-Fi stuff although the RP sims I have seen seem pretty dead with not a lot of RP
  8. ♔ BUBBLEGUM (*****) PHOTOGRAPHY ♔ -BASE PRICES- ❤ 250L No Artistic Effects (Only Color Correction) ❤ 750L Minimal Editing (Color Correction, Highlights/Shadows) ❤ 1,500L Artistic Editing (Painted hair, Highlights/Shadows, Color Correction) ❤ 250L For Every Extra Person ❤ Gifting Options are available ❤ ~Commercial Options are Open, IM me inworld (LightNina) for more details~ EXAMPLES: No artistic effects (250L): Minimal Editing (750L): Artistic effects (1,500L): COMMERCIAL EXAMPLE (Only for Stores / Vendors / Product Images) Contact me Inworld Via my User-name LightNina to schedule an appointment. | Do not send a notecard as i likely won't respond as fast. | TERMS: Your avatar's hair may not look the same as well as other parts, So by purchasing my services, You agree that you are okay with slight or major alterations. It is purely for the sake of the picture looking it's best You agree to pay in full before photo-editing, No refunds will be issued and Only one retake will be shot, other retakes are 250L each Shots will be taken by me, Unless you want a photo-edit only. Photo edits are 10% Off original price. No discounts will be given unless stated otherwise
  9. Hey! Check out my flickr here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/152935203@N02/ And message me inworld for some arrangements to be made Hope to hear back from you!
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