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  1. The mesh doesn't choke up blender, that was never the problem. It's more about the fact that I will be bringing these clothes into SL. A general rule of thumb is that you should optimize your mesh as best as possible for games. The poly count would be an insanely high number for just one piece of clothes for SL, which is not what I want. So was aiming for good quality for a lower poly count, Decimate is often used on objects to achieve this to avoid retopoing the mesh, so I just assumed that it would work on clothes as well (according to others, it is not a good option, though).
  2. Thanks for the good advice! MD does give seams on the mesh, which isn't connected so It would pull apart if you tried to use specific modifiers. I would like to avoid having to completely redo such a good mesh by hand as others have pointed out xD (newbie) but I don't mind doing corrective work :)
  3. Yeah that sounds reasonable. I believe there is an option to convert the mesh to quads in MD if I'm not mistaken. And also, I'm a newbie to mesh making (clothes specifically) so I don't really know how to retopo, details about it, ect.
  4. As I've mentioned before, i did use the applier in BOTH object and edit mode and it just wasn't working for some reason, but I haven't tried this method yet so I'll give it a whirl
  5. Hello! I'm not able to message you in world right now, but I do meet all the criteria you have posted and would be interested to discuss this with you sometimes soon. You can preview my photography work here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/152935203@N02/ I'm always trying to improve in my editing style and can be flexible when it comes to accommodations Hope to hear back from you soon!
  6. What kind of business are you looking to start and what can you bring to the table? Your post doesn't have much information...
  7. Hello everyone! I'm looking for a business partner who specializes in rigging meshes to bodies since I'm not so fantastic at it myself... I can't really promise much in pay, but I will give 50% of the proceeds from clothing meshes from the store I know, it's not a fantastic deal but I'm hoping that the store will grow one day to have a stable enough pay ^-^ (And I can offer some money on the side if things are slow) If interested let me know on this forum, or message me in world (Lightnina) Hope to hear from you!
  8. Yeah, I applied the modifier in Object mode and Edit mode to see if there was any difference and none. And yes, I did set the parameters lol
  9. Yeah, I did try all of them and nothing happened x.x
  10. I'm at a loss here to be honest, I couldn't find any information on this issue. So, I have a mesh shirt that I made in MD...It's pretty high poly so I wanted to reduce it using the "decimate" modifier but it doesn't do anything! Ripping my hair out over here. Does anyone have any suggestions? For reference: Blender: v2.75 Avastar: v1.71 Some other modifiers do work on the mesh, and it is not bound to an armature or anything.
  11. Hello! I have the latest update of the maitreya body and a leltuka bento head. I am available to model, just drop me a message! -LightNina (My in-world name as well)
  12. Down for all the above, Just shoot me an IM and Im down for whatever, just make it fun.
  13. About to send you an Im. It would be fun to room with other people (I personally can't afford my own land. bento is a drainer)
  14. Name: Nina Interest: Photography, Business, Sailing, Driving, RP, shopping, exploring, pretty much everything. So I'm a little introverted so I don't really go out of my way to make friends typically but being with good friends is much better than being alone when it comes to pretty much the whole of second life. I'm pretty chatty and open to many things, I dont really cause drama (I tend to be neutral). Oh and bonus, Im really good at visual design! So Im extremely good at decorating or picking out full outfits that go well together! Feel free to Im me (but please say more tha
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